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Vespa Takes Winter Beans to New Yield Level

SENOVA Stand: 409
Vespa Takes Winter Beans to New Yield Level
Vespa is the highest yielding RL winter bean variety

A shake-up in winter bean variety performance has seen Vespa taking top spot for yield on the PGRO Recommended List, reports Senova at Cereals Live 2020.

With a 5% yield advantage over Tundra, Vespa heads the 2020 list with a yield of 108 and is now fully recommended.

First listed in 2018, Vespa also has the joint highest standing ability on the list, with a score of 8.

Marginally taller than Tundra, it also offers the bigger seed size and pale hilum favoured by the human consumption market.

Its protein content of 26.2% puts Vespa on a par with other winter bean varieties and makes it suitable for growing on contracts where protein is rewarded.

“There were some very good results seen with winter beans in 2019,” comments Tom Yewbrey of Senova. “Having been in trials for last five years, Vespa is now showing its true potential and has opened up quite a gap in terms of yield.”

Another Senova variety, Bumble, has moved into second place on the winter bean list, also ahead of Tundra, with a yield of 104. With moderate straw length and early ripening, it has the seed size and pale hilum that make it suitable for the export market.

“These newer varieties are now proving themselves to be better than many of the old favourites,” says Tom. “With greater focus on sources of plant protein and sustainable farming systems, it seems that they have come along at just the right time for growers to benefit.”

For more details on the Senova winter bean varieties, visit www.senova.uk.com



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