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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms

Leadenham Lincs

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With its continuous research and innovation in the seeding sector, MASCHIO GASPARDO consolidates the family of high-speed precision planters with CHRONO 708. This model features a trailed frame with front hydraulic closing with 8 rows of variable row spacing, 70 or 75 cm and a 1,600-liter hopper. It is designed for tractors with an output of at least 120 to 130 hp and guarantees precision seed deposition up to 15 km/h and beyond, independent of its size or soil condition thanks to the CHRONO high-speed planting system.

The secret to this performance lies in the CHRONO element and its two independent pneumatic systems for distribution (by vacuum) and transport (by pressure). This configuration, thanks in part to pressure regulation, makes optimal seed placement under all conditions, regardless of seed size, tillage speed, and soil inclination. For example, the air flow can be reduced when seeding rapeseed or beet, as small seed sizes require shallow seeding activities.












In addition, the planting unit is designed to minimize component wear and ensure maximum reliability under all working conditions, limiting maintenance costs and downtime. The motors that drive the mechanism are of the brushless electric type and require very little routine maintenance, while the aluminum bell moves integral to the disc, reducing friction and disc wear over time.

Seeding on different types of soil, on the other hand, is made possible by the AIR SPRING system, which can apply pressure of up to 300 kg per seeding unit, ensuring uniform seeding depth. The system is fully adjustable from the tractor cab via the ISOBUS terminal. In addition to the seeding unit, the machine also features a fertilizer distribution system that relies on volumetric-type distributors driven by electric motors. Each row is set up to work independently, which allows CHRONO 708 to take advantage of Precision Agriculture functions such as Section Control and Variable Rate.

Numerous advantages can be found including remote control of activities, traceability of processing data, optimal input management, and the adoption of a more sustainable approach promoted by new community and development policies.

CHRONO 708 regardless of configuration allows access to the various tax benefits in agriculture for the purchase of ISOBUS equipment.

Therefore, CHRONO 708 turns out to be the ideal tool for high-speed planting while maintaining high standards of precision under different conditions (type of tillage, shape and size of seed, and coupling with tractors of different hydraulic powers).


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