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11-12 June 2025 

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EXTREME 266 ISOTRONIC is the professional round baler designed and manufactured by MASCHIO GASPARDO to guarantee the farmer high performance and quality of the baled product. EXTREME 266 ISOTRONIC combines the best features of both fixed and variable chamber round balers. This equipment has been designed to provide the greatest combination of bale pressures and sizes, as well as offering a perfect balance between high performance and ease of use. These features make it suitable to meet the needs of all types of farms.

EXTREME 266 ISOTRONIC is the latest generation version, updated with ISOBUS communication protocol. All working parameters can be managed conveniently from the tractor's ISOBUS terminal, in a simple and intuitive way.

EXTREME 266 ISOTRONIC is a round baler with variable chamber and variable geometry, able to create bales with a variable diameter of between 50 and 165 cm and an excellent weight thanks to a variable hydraulic pressure managed by the operator from the tractor cab.


The possibility of using a fixed chamber of the desired size and the simple pressure management make this equipment suitable for working in different conditions. The result is the highest quality product processed: hay, straw or silage.


The most important advantage of EXTREME 266 ISOTRONIC is the possibility to benefit from the variable chamber’s features, which make optimal the management of all noble products. When properly treated, hay and alfalfa retain their protein and nutritional content for longer storage.

The management of the variable chamber is made possible by a double pressing arm controlled by hydraulic cylinders: the first one defines pressure and diameter of the bale with the possibility of creating a pre-chamber, while the second arm automatically compensates for the tension of the four cliched belts during the formation of the pre-chamber.


This provides enormous advantages for those who pay attention to product quality:

  • Versatility in the management of the type of product, also depending on the level of humidity;
  • Excellent preservation of the nutritional and protein qualities of the worked product;
  • Efficient moisture evaporation;
  • Significant reduction in the formation of mold and abnormal fermentation.

Thanks to the pre-chamber, which allows to manage the initial diameter of the bale, it is possible to anticipate harvesting times to take advantage of a wider working window than the very short harvesting periods ideal for leafy hay.

In presence of a very dry product such as straw, it is possible to work with a hard core (without pre-chamber) with very high pressures, thus obtaining a bale of considerable weight, saving time and money (less transport and less net per quintal of product).

High pressure and constant density guaranteed by our machines also ensure perfect anaerobic fermentation and consequently excellent quality of the silage bale.   

The wide 220 cm pick-up with pivoting wheels makes it possible to operate even in presence of windrows that are not perfectly regular and abundant. Harvesting is gentle on any type of forage, preserving leaves, the most protein-rich part of the legumes.

The machine can be equipped with a crop guide roller. In order to meet all working requirements, a new drop floor has been designed for rapid resolution of any blockages without getting off the tractor.

EXTREME 2 series is also characterised by great versatility. Four different power systems are available: HTI (alternative conveyor arm power), HTR (rotor), HTC (13 knives) and HTU (25 knives), with twine, net or plastic film binding system.

Power absorption is reduced and makes it possible to use the baler with medium-powered tractors and low weight with consequent less soil compaction, a very important factor especially when working in first cut alfa alfa.

EXTREME 266 ISOTRONIC complies with the Mother Regulation, with oil, air or no braking system. This important feature enables a correct road transportation and enlarges the second-hand sales towards other EU states.

The haymaking range by MASCHIO GASPARDO allows the management of the entire hay cycle, from mowing to harvesting, with equipment such as sickle bars, disc mowers, swathers, tedders, round balers (fixed, variable and combined chamber) and wrappers. Equipment that benefits from many years of experience in the sector and that is valued worldwide for its reliability, innovation and robustness, capable of maximising the quality of the harvested product for the benefit of farmer, breeder and contractor.

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