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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms

Leadenham Lincs

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New on the UK market, Maschio Gaspardo’s range of GIGANTE PRESSURE no-till drills have recently undergone a number of upgrades to make them more effective in even the most challenging conditions.


While previously unseen on UK shores, direct drills have been built at the Gaspardo factory in northern Italy for some 34 years and have sold around the globe in considerable numbers for over three decades.

The GIGANTE PRESSURE is no-till seeder available in working widths of up to 6 m with a choice of either 15 cm or 18 cm row spacings. In its most recent version much attention has been placed in building on its abilities to penetrate hard-baked, dry stubbles while maintaining an even seeding depth.

The new coulter design incorporates two independent spring-loaded arms – one carrying the coulter elements, the other the closing press wheel. Both have adjustable coil springs to generate the downforce required while providing the operator with the opportunity to fine-tune seed depth and soil coverage independently.

The coulters themselves employ disc openers running at 2 degrees from vertical and a similar angle in the horizontal plane. This minuscule two-axis tilt is enough to open a channel in the soil without generating any discernible surface disturbance. A choice of plain, shallow or deep-notched 475mm diameter discs are available depending on the predominant soil types.

The coulter boot is a tapered design to minimise drag and extend service life. Height adjustable, the tip is easily replaced with two bolts.

Running alongside the disc openers are tapered gauge wheels. Interchangeable and of a range of different diameters, they limit the coulters’ surface penetration to ensure consistent seed placement.

Following each unit are tapered closing wheels running on their own independently sprung arms. This allows them to faithfully follow contours on even the most undulating surfaces, covering the seed with soil displaced by the coulter and ensuring maximum seed-to-soil contact.

The latest generation GIGANTE PRESSURE drills have pressurised seed hoppers with a 60:40 split for seed and fertiliser. Twin electronically driven metering units regulate the flow of each to the distribution heads and into the airstream to the coulters. Seed rates are handled by the machine’s ISOBUS compatible controller enabling operators to use the drill tractor’s own on-board computer or an independent standalone control box. The ISOTRONIC electric transmission with ISOBUS communication protocol allows digital control of the seed drill and the use of all Precision Farming functions.

Thanks to the connection with a GPS receiver, these latest generation controls allow you to vary the sowing and fertilizing quantities, as well as to automate the closures at the headland.

 Employing a semi-mounted frame design, GIGANTE PRESSURE drills of working widths of 4 m, 5 m and 6 m all fold to within 3m for transport.

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