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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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Liquid Fertilisers

YARA UK LTD Stand: 502a

Yara liquid fertilisers contain combinations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur in a range of true solution products for use on any crop. The number of liquid fertiliser grades Yara can supply is limitless. The number available for immediate delivery to you today extends to over 300 different analyses.

What are the main reasons for changing to liquid fertilisers?

Increased efficiency

Unbeatable accuracy

  • Increased application efficiency - Liquid fertiliser systems are capable of achieving extremely high work rates - maximum bout widths with fewer passes at increased ground speed together with rapid fertiliser handling and tank filling so less standing time.
  • More working days - Liquid fertilisers can mean more available working days because, compared to solid fertilisers, applications are less affected by weather conditions.
  • Reduced labour - The handling and application of liquid fertiliser is often a simple, one man operation.
  • Better use of capital - Changing to liquid fertilisers can have a considerable effect on the capital requirements of a farming enterprise with one machine replacing two, no need for handling equipment and reduced storage requirement
  • Improved accuracy - Liquid fertiliser applied through your current farm sprayer can give you an immediate improvement in the accuracy of your nitrogen and NPKS applications
  • Uniform application - Yara’s liquid fertilizers are 100% water soluble, and hence are uniform, which means they give consistent flow rates and no recalibration is required when changing grades
  • No headland effect - Liquid fertiliser applied through stream jets fertilises to the edge of the crop and no further. Avoids losing yield by under fertilising crop margins.
  • Avoids wastage - Over-fertilising beyond the field boundary wastes up to 5% of total fertiliser applied to the field.
  • Protects field margins - Spraying up to the crop edge protects the environment and field margins under management schemes.


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