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11-12 June 2024 

Newnham SG7 5JX

6am Carparks; 7am Gates; 8am Stands open

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21 Jun 2021

Ma/Ag Direct Disc Drill for low disturbance operations


Ma/Ag Minimal disturbance direct drills can be used in conventional drilling applications, as well as mintill and direct applications. The low disturbance disc system is ideal for use in covercrops or sterile seedbeds for the cultural control of weeds such as blackgrass.


The Ma/Ag system features;

  1. Independantly floating coulters for even seed depth across width of drill
  2. High coulter pressure for effective ground penetration
  3. closing wheels works on both sides of drill line for effective seed coverage
  4. Simple seed metering with "Accord" type meter
  5. Electronic seed rate control with GPS option
  6. Fertiliser application option
  7.  3 metre mounte or 3 to 6 metre trailed units
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