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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

at Newnham Farm

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28 Apr 2023

The new AMAZONE 02 Rotamix rotary harrows

AMAZONE LTD Stand: 824

The new KE 02 Rotamix rotary harrows span working widths from 2.5 m up to 4.0 m rigid and for tractors from 150 hp through to 240 hp. Now available is the new flagship KE 6002-2 400 Rotamix folding rotary harrow. Designed for solo use only, the 6 metre KE 6002-2 is for tractors up to 400 hp. High output in the field, the machine quickly folds to a 3 m transport width for rapid and safe transport between fields

System Rotamix – close-coupled, compact and four extra tine carriers over 6 m

Along with the rest of the KE 02 models equipped with the Rotamix system, the KE 6002-2-400 rotary harrow has four tine carriers per metre working width across which the incoming power is distributed. The trailing tines produce a very good crumb structure, even on heavy soils making the new rotary harrows therefore very well suited for seedbed preparation, particularly following the plough.

The number of tine carriers permits the use of a smaller spur gear diameter. This has allowed the design of the rotary harrow trough to be very robust, yet very compact and therefore lightweight. The short coupling distance ensures that the leverage effect on the tractor is reduced, and it therefore has a lesser lifting power requirement than with other rotary harrows.

The tried and tested Quick+Safe system provides the 290 mm tines with an integrated stone release and the tines can be easily exchanged without the need for tools.


A higher class of performance with the DirectDrive gearbox

The Long-Life-Drive system, ensures a long service life and maximum smooth running. The double sealing system, with cassette seal and labyrinth seals, protects against dust, moisture and dirt ingress.

And at the heart of the new rotary harrow range is the DirectDrive gearbox, via which the higher power flow is transmitted directly to the spur gears of the tine carriers. On the new KE 6002-2-400 Rotamix there is no power redirection thus ensuring an excellent, low-wear, transmission of power. The DriveDrive gearboxes are mounted on both side wings. The rotary harrow can be used with a PTO speed of 1000 rpm. Exchange gear sets enable the tine carrier speed to be adapted to the different soil conditions.


Comfortable setting

For setting a precise and consistent working depth, the KE 6002-2-400 is adjusted via a series of holes. This facilitates a very broad setting spectrum where the working depth can be mechanically adjusted, yet very precisely by an eccentric pin. The setting is designed to be simple and easily set up by the operator.

The height of the levelling board that holds and levels the soil within the tines is precisely guided by the rear roller. The levelling board also deflects upwards thanks to the integrated overload protection. A universal setting tool is supplied for fine-tuning the precise settings; the tool can also be used universally for many other tasks, such as adjusting the height of the side plates or for setting the track markers.


Versatile roller range

Numerous roller types with different diameters for targeted reconsolidation are available for a wide range of site-specific requirements. AMAZONE offers the tooth packer roller for full-area crumbling and reconsolidation. The wedge ring roller, for light to medium soil types, reconsolidates in strips. Optionally also with Matrix profile for an even better drive in lighter soil types. The roller programme is rounded off with the trapezium roller, also giving strip-wise reconsolidation.

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