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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

at Newnham Farm

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28 Apr 2023

The all-new Teres 300 mounted reversible ploughs

AMAZONE LTD Stand: 824

The Teres 300 is the all-new mounted reversible plough from AMAZONE. In 4, 5, and 6 furrows, the new mounted plough is designed for tractors with a horsepower rating up to 300 HP. 

The Teres 300 is available in two formats, the Teres 300 V, or the VS with hydraulic stone release system; both models are equipped with variable furrow width adjustment as standard. Designed to keep operating costs, both in diesel usage and wearing metal, to a minimum, the plough is characterised by its simple adjustment, its exceptionally light pull and that perfect finish to the working profile.

AutoAdapt front furrow width adjustment

The new ploughs feature the new AutoAdapt front furrow width adjustment which offers a huge advantage in terms of comfort and precision. AutoAdapt means that the front furrow width is adjusted when the overall working width is changed. This is achieved by the parallelogram beam to headstock linkage and a hydraulic connection between the working width cylinder and the front furrow cylinder. AutoAdapt also has a positive effect on both metal wear rates and fuel consumption as the pull line is always maintained square to the lower link cross shaft irrespective of the working width set. The front furrow width can also be over-ridden on the move to ensure the perfect match up, bout on bout, for when ploughing on sloping ground.

SpeedBlade plough bodies reduce running costs

In addition, the new SpeedBlade plough bodies ensure reduced wear costs, even at higher speeds. As ploughing speeds increase, the soil flow up the mouldboard changes and the wear takes place outside of the normal shin area. The new SpeedBlade mouldboard consists of a new extended shin which is then able to be replaced much more cheaply than having to replace the complete mouldboard. This cuts the running cost of the machine. Secondly, the point and wing overlap each other to prevent string and roots getting trapping in between.

Either shear bolt or hydraulic stone protection – the choice is yours

The new hydraulic stone release system protects the plough in stony ground; the pressure on which can be set centrally, or on each body individually, up a maximum trip force of 2,000kg. This runs alongside the conventional double-action shear bolt.

SmartTurn has been designed to cut out pivot wear and tear

And the design of the plough is all about longevity; with its exceptional beam strength, the ProtectShaft lower link mounting, where the cross shaft is carried in bearings to take out the shock load of the plough turning over and when on the road, as well as the gentle SmartTurn turn-over system. SmartTurn actuates the frame swivel cylinder to enable sufficient ground clearance to turn the plough over without having to close up the furrow width on every end, this removes that risk of pivot bearing wear and tear over the years.

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