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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms

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The updates on PRIMO are really important, confirming that MASCHIO GASPARDO is investing heavily in this product with top technical features that is enjoying great success on both the Italian and foreign markets.

From January 2024, a new choice of spreading discs will be available that will increase the range of use of PRIMO: versions with a hopper width of 292 cm will be able to be equipped with the new L30 discs, to work up to 48 m! This solution, in addition to increasing the working width in the field, will provide unrivalled robustness. The spreading discs and pallets will be Heavy Duty, and will therefore have a wear-resistant coating that allows for greater performance and increased durability.

This solution will be added to the two other disc versions currently available: one for working widths from 12 to 21 metres and one from 21 to 36 metres.

MASCHIO GASPARDO is always very attentive to the needs of the market and users: this is why the R&D department has developed a new distribution system for low doses. This improvement allows PRIMO to be suitable for distributing a greater number of products, including seeds and slug pellets, while maintaining production yields, field efficacy and spreading precision.

The EWH ISOTRONIC EXCLUSIVE version, for the rotation of the spreading discs, uses two independently controlled gear motors driven by the tractor's hydraulic system: these allow better speed control of the two discs for more precise and effective spreading.

To further increase its operating range, a high-capacity version with a maximum load capacity of 4.500 kg and a hopper capacity of 4.450 l was developed. Product loading operations are made easier thanks to the introduction of the curved, electrically opening hopper cover, which can be operated either from the tractor's ISOBUS monitor or on board the machine.

The main features of PRIMO remain those already known and consolidated with the recognized automatic double shutter system - TSS (Twin Shutter System) for opening/closing the spreading and application rate adjustment. The combined and simultaneous operation of the two shutters ensures maximum spreading precision in all parts of the field, even in the most irregular and difficult to reach areas such as during headland maneuvers. When manoeuvring at the headland, the ON/OFF shutter is closed by the relevant actuator, which controls it very quickly to avoid spreading product where it is not required, while the metering shutter (located below the first) continues to move in proportion to the speed of the tractor, so that when spreading activity resumes (ON/OFF shutter reopening) it will already be in the correct position according to the working speed of the tractor. In this way, there will be no areas of over- or under-dosage, achieving uniformity of spreading in all the different areas of the field, without waste and inefficiency.

The distribution system is the most important part of the machine and consists of a rotovibrating agitator (mounted on bearings) that conveys the fertilizer to the mobile drop point without breaking the fertilizer. The cross-section of the fertilizer drop hole, in addition to having a special three-lobe shape that guarantees homogeneous distribution even with very low required volumes, allows one of the highest fertilizer flows on the market: 640 kg/min! This allows daily efficiencies unmatched on the market. Disc replacement is quick and easy thanks to the quick-release system (patented) and is done with just one tool supplied.

Another important update concerns MY MASCHIO GASPARDO, the app through which adjustments can be set on all models in just a few minutes, making work easier and more precise. The SPREADER SMART SET function helps the operator to view all PRIMO adjustments from the comfort of his smartphone. By entering the required spreading values (type of fertilizer, type of discs, working width, required dose and forward speed) it is possible to obtain the correct setting parameters and a quick summary of the fertilizer specifications used. The app has been studied and designed by the software R&D department of MASCHIO GASPARDO, to help you achieve maximum comfort in the field. Having support when you have to enter all the machine parameters is essential to work with a tool that is ready to meet your needs.

The EWH ISOTRONIC EXCLUSIVE version features the ISOBUS communication protocol, ideal for Precision Farming: independent variable rate distribution on each disc (VR) and control of up to 32 spreading sections (SC) to maximize field performance.

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