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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham SG7 5JX

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22 May 2023

Replaceable coulter tip tines reduce metal wastage and so much more!

BTT UK LTD Stand: 1123

Bourgault Tillage Tools VOS replaceable tip and tine far out last the original OEM tine. After year long trials with our popoluare 19mm tip the BTT leg element of the system was also showing little or no wear which would indicate that the tine to tip ratio going forward would be in the region of 6 - 8 to 1.

Points of note –

  1. Some may say that the VOS 19mm TIP  is too wide and would take too much pulling and would create too much disturbance?

In both cases this is not correct, the design of the tip and the angles used means that the soil flows very easily around the tip and that the nose of the tip being so far in front of the leg means that the tip acts like the bow of a speed boat cutting through water. In the soil this has the added benefit of creating less smearing on certain soil types and reduced disturbance compared to the very upright design of the OEM tines.

  1. Is there a narrower option to the VOS 19mm TIP?

Yes – there is a VOS 13mm TIP option. Admittedly this would not give the same amount of wear as the VOS 19mm TIP purely because of the thickness of the point but it will still well out last the OEM part.

Other benefits at the replaceable tip tine offers.

  • Reduction on metal wastage by not throwing away the whole tine when it is just the tip that has worn out. You would not change a complete wheel if the tread on a tyre had worn out – you would just change the tyre, same principle. Saving Money.
  • Less down time replacing tines. Saving Money
  • Proven better wear rates due to the high Chrome material used in the cast of the tips . Saving Money
  • Extra Long Tungsten carbide inserts for abrasive conditions. Saving Money
  • Long nose design of the tip means better penetration and easier pulling. Saving Money
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