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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms

Leadenham Lincs

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Crop protection is a delicate and very important operation that allows to obtain the maximum yield in the harvest, managing at best weeds, mushrooms and insects. For open field crops, MASCHIO GASPARDO presents the new top of the range mounted sprayer TEMPO ULTRA ISOTRONIC.

It combines high functional efficiency with precision and comfort of use regardless of soil conditions; a multi-purpose equipment with professional functional characteristics, it is suitable for medium and large farms, guaranteeing low running costs. High quality distribution is one of the decisive factors in ensuring yield, effective crop protection and respect for the environment, aspects that meet the needs of the most careful professionals in the sector.

The management of the equipment's functional parameters takes place through an on-board computer with ISOBUS communication protocol. The machine can be connected directly to the tractor's ISOBUS terminal or alternatively to the ISOBUS monitor supplied as an accessory. It is easy and intuitive to modify the hydraulic and water parameters for a customised setting. By installing the APP Section Control it is possible to carry out automatic control of the sections, useful to avoid both overlapping and overdosing that could compromise the germination of the treated crops.

TEMPO ULTRA ISOTRONIC has been entirely designed by MASCHIO GASPARDO engineers, who have paid particular attention to design: the frame is perfectly integrated with the new and attractive tanks, improving ergonomics and comfort of use.

Available with 1,820 and 2,180 litre tanks, TEMPO ULTRA ISOTRONIC is versatile and efficient both during work and during transport thanks to its easily assessable compact dimensions. The rounded design of the polyethylene tank, with no stagnation points, guarantees robustness and easy internal cleaning, preventing the deposit of residues of plant protection product after the washing phase. Thanks to the "Re.D" semi-automatic recirculation system, the uniformity of the product to be distributed is always guaranteed, even during the most delicate phases such as the initial, final and headland turnaround phases.

The strength of TEMPO ULTRA ISOTRONIC is the possibility to choose between the manual water management panel M-PANEL and the innovative electronic E-PANEL system, which provides the operator with a high level of comfort and effective management of the functions:

  • Total or partial tank cleaning cycles;
  • Filter cleaning;
  • Adjustable stirring depending on the level of the main tank or on operator's needs;
  • Automatic partial or total filling and emptying with the possibility of setting levels and automatic stop;
  • Management and monitoring of working and maintenance parameters.







TEMPO ULTRA ISOTRONIC is equipped with the spray booms WORK U 15 and 18 metres and the well-known ALA 400, available with working widths of 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 28 and 30 metres. The main net-like structure is made of high-strength steels, which ensures an excellent combination of strength and low weight. The tips, instead, are made of aluminum and are equipped with anti-drop shock absorbers that allow great movement versatility on the three axes: it is possible to work with the boom partially open if the configuration with mechanical sections is chosen. Thanks to a careful design that takes into account road regulations, the closed boom in transport position is one of the most compact on the market, with an overall size of just 2.40 m.

 The new boom suspension with direct action on the "pendulum" system in combination with the anti-yaw system ensures maximum boom stability even on uneven terrain. The electro-hydraulic OILDRIVE system exploits a single tractor distributor to control all boom movements: lifting, independent wing opening in sequence, variable geometry, tilt and hydraulic locking; this system is managed via ISOBUS. To meet the needs of the most demanding users, electronic boom control is available; using 2 or 4 ultrasound sensors, it is possible to automatically control the height of the boom to act effectively in all conditions. Once the desired distance from the ground or crop has been set, the control unit independently manages the hydraulic movements of the boom (lift and tilting).

Thanks to the ISOBUS communication protocol, TEMPO ULTRA ISOTRONIC can take advantage of important functions such as AUX-N: this function allows  to control the OILDRIVE system conveniently with a joystick, making the management of boom movements faster and more intuitive. The ISOBUS protocol also allows to take advantage of the main Precision Farming functions such as TC-GEO, TC-VAR and TC-SC (Section Control); the dialogue with GPS systems and the possibility of automatic section control prevent any overlapping of areas already treated. At the same time, it is possible to work with variable dose on all the boom leght, guaranteeing considerable waste reduction and optimal product distribution.

TEMPO ULTRA ISOTRONIC is equipped with IDRIC PANEL to manage the operation of working or washing phases. This device is located on board in a sheltered position inside the side door: it is available in manual or electric version and can be remotely controlled from tractor cab.

To increase the autonomy of the tanks, the new FRONT TANK is available with capacities of 1,177 and 1,576 litres (available also the version with automatic recirculation FRONT TANK PRO). This application, equipped with pump, recirculation system and independent cleaning, allows proportional emptying of the rear tank. Besides the greater capacity, it is also possible to take advantage of the improved balance to operate both with less powerful tractors and on hilly terrain. The rounded design and the sloping front profile make the overall dimensions easy to assess, while the front lights make it safe even for road transfers.

MASCHIO GASPARDO has designed TEMPO ULTRA ISOTRONIC to provide farmers with a large, precise and effective equipment. The numerous strengths guarantee high performance, with particular attention to the resources used and to the respect for the environment.

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