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20 May 2021

The new Pantera 4504

AMAZONE LTD Stand: 848

Cereals will see the public unveiling of the new Pantera 4504 self-propelled sprayer which is designed to set new standards in precision plant protection application and ease of operation This new generation, the Pantera 4504, focuses on increased work rates and reducing the work load on the driver. The new in-house operating system, modified spray agent liquid circuit and changes to the operator station offer significant added value.

The all-new SmartCenter and complete operator station are securely protected under the access cover on the left side of the sprayer and it is here that the new 60 litre induction bowl, which quickly inducts powder and granules with huge effectiveness, is also located.

The new twin, pressure-stable and liquid-fertiliser proof AR piston diaphragm pumps, with a total output capacity of 520 l/min, have been repositioned over to the right-hand side resulting in a considerable noise reduction during the filling process and yet offer a fill capacity of up to 700 l/min. There is also easy accessibility for the operator.

The SmartCenter offers the ideal solution for every customer requirement: from the simple and clever Comfort-Pack with its TwinTerminal 3.0 up to Comfort-Pack plus for maximum convenience. On the Comfort-Pack plus, instead of operating taps, the TwinTerminal 7.0 makes machine operation much easier with its pressure-sensitive touchscreen. The operator only has to select the desired function and the sprayer adjusts itself fully automatically with functions such as the spray agent tank and the fresh water tank being filled to the required level and an automatic cleaning program that can be started at the touch of a button.

The newly located, more easily accessible fuel tank holds up to 290 litres for higher outputs and provides enough fuel even on long workdays. The 20 litre AdBlue tank is located next to it.

The new AmaDrive 7.0 vehicle terminal has now been integrated in the ergonomically-designed armrest. All machine-specific functions can be clearly displayed and intuitively operated via this new 7” touchscreen, colour display.

The new in-house operating system software is displayed on either the 8” AmaTron 4 terminal or the 12.1” AmaPad 2 ISOBUS terminals.

The well-known ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop boom tip swing compensation ensure the best boom ride, even at the larger working widths of 40 m with ContourControl offering negative as well as positive geometry thus ensuring that the distance to the target is always exactly maintained. And whilst ContourControl provides excellent vertical boom guidance, SwingStop optimises the horizontal position, especially on the larger booms.

This exceptionally fast and precise hydraulic boom guidance means higher forward speeds are possible during application and this, in conjunction with the AmaSelect electric individual nozzle control, with its added functionality of AmaSelect CurveControl, AmaSelect Row and AmaSelect Spot takes the sprayer to the highest level of precision.

The new model is introduced without any increase in price against the outgoing Pantera 4503.

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