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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms

Leadenham Lincs

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The ploughs by MASCHIO GASPARDO, with a completely renewed design, combine robustness and operational reliability with a high quality of work, allowing a perfect inversion of soil layers and crop residues. In this way, the physical characteristics of the soil are improved: greater aeration, invading capacity and development of the crop root system. At the same time, it is possible to have indirect control of weeds, pathogens and soil insects, thus reducing the use of pesticides.

The UNICO M model is available in configurations of 3 to 5 bodies (4+1). Considering the weight and the various configurations available, the plough can be combined with medium power tractors (up to 200 HP).

Thanks to the SMOOTH SET parallelogram system, plough setting is easy, fast and precise. The working width can be adjusted mechanically with the "step by step" system (STEP version) or hydraulically in continuous (VARIO version), while the safety of the individual bodies is ensured by the classic shear bolt system or the active NON-STOP HYDRAULIC system.

The sturdy frame with a 120x120 mm cross-section allows for the addition of a body by means of a plate that is fitted as standard in the extendable versions (e.g. 3+0). The frame structure features a bolted assembly system. The three-point hitch can be easily configured by choosing between different types of categories, with fixed or swinging head.

To operate on skeleton-rich soils (stones and rocks) or in difficult conditions, it is possible to choose the NON-STOP HYDRAULIC (NSH) set-up, which, in combination with the safety bolt, allows you to overcome obstacles while protecting the structure from impacts that would burden both the plough and the tractor. The system is dynamic and allows the body to be lifted in the event of an impact and brought back into position via a linkage system with pre-determined forces.

The hydraulic system has an operating pressure of between 90 and 150 bar and allows the release force to be adjusted according to the type of terrain on which one has to operate: it is possible to set the pressure at a low level to avoid bringing stones to the surface in the layers below; on the contrary, with the setting of high pressures, one can operate in heavy soils while keeping the body always in contact with the ground and only lift up in the event of a collision.The plough can be set up according to the different needs of the farmer thanks to the availability of various types of coulters, skimmers and both combination and depth wheels (hydraulic and mechanical).

The high-strength steels used for MASCHIO GASPARDO range of ploughs increase their durability, efficiency and performance, while maintaining a low weight.

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