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11-12 June 2024 

Newnham SG7 5JX

6am Carparks; 7am Gates; 8am Stands open

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Arvorum is the latest digital farming toolbox to help a farmer use their seed, fertiliser and crop protection most efficiently and effectively for maximum yield and environmental benefit.

Everything Placed Perfectly.

It's an easy to use, intuitive system for monitoring and managing your crops with the following key features:

Layer up to 10 maps, such as biomass, soil or yield maps, to create variable rate application maps with up to 9 different zones.

Use the mobile app to:

  • Gather in-field scouting notes about disease, pest or weed pressure, aided by Plantix. 

  • Create, assign, manage and share tasks with your team members.

  • Synchronise with your machinery, farm management tools and weather stations or purchase CropX sensors for in-field soil data.

Sign-up and get started within 15 minutes by using your SBI to draw field boundaries straight from the RPA. What’s more, you can get 3 years of biomass history immediately and access to the full web and mobile app suite for a single price.


Ferry House
South Denes Road
Great Yarmouth
NR30 3PJ
United Kingdom
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  • The Arvorum app allows infield GPS scouting and also seamlessly connects with a variety of in-field sensors and connections to weather & plant diagnostic tools.
  • The CropX Soil Sensor is an innovative, cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionise the way you monitor and manage your soil health. Precision-engineered and built with the modern farmer in mind, this ...


  • Unlock the power of precision farming with Arvorum! Combine satellite, yield, and nutrition data with your own observations and sensor information to optimise yields, reduce waste and increase farm su ...
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