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Built by sprayers for sprayers 

For nearly 50 years, Bateman self-propelled sprayers have been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK and exported worldwide. 

Every last detail of a Bateman sprayer embraces a design philosophy that is centred on efficiency through simplicity of design and respects the operator environment, ensuring comfort is at the fore. Bateman’s are renowned for their durability, being both easy and cost effective to maintain throughout their lifetime; supported 365 days a year by a highly skilled team of technical support staff and service engineers.

Three routes to better spraying 

There are three models in the range, each one proving more than capable for the role.

The RB26 is the ideal solution for growers who require a highly capable machine when spraying in challenging conditions. Compact and lightweight, it features a 3000-litre Stainless steel, fully baffled tank and a choice of two booms; Standard Contour 18-24 metres and Variable Geometry 24-36 metres. A 185 bhp John Deere engine on a standard RB26 delivers high performance and 40kph road speeds. 

The RB35 is designed to achieve faster road speeds and is extremely competent at spraying across hilly terrain. A 4000-litre Stainless steel fully baffled tank, choice of 18-24 metre Standard Contour booms or 24-36 metre Variable Geometry booms and Dynamic Braking makes the RB35 the ultimate all-round sprayer. Power is supplied by a 225bhp John Deere engine. 

Designed to devour acres the RB55 is lightweight and compact for its class. It can be specified with a choice of either a 5100 or 5600-litre Stainless steel fully baffled tank, complete with twin front and rear clean water rinse tanks. The Variable Geometry boom is available in various widths between 24-42 metres. Driving the RB55 across all terrains is safe and assured, with field and road driving modes, cruise control, all round dynamic braking and an all-new transmission on our 2020 models. Power is delivered by a 275 bhp John Deere engine.  

Bateman Boom Levelling System 

Our BBL system is literally next level. Designed to work with Bateman’s highly acclaimed Variable Geometry boom, it controls the boom to follow the contours of the ground accurately and effortlessly. 

The terrain is monitored via a series of sensors, guiding the boom immediately when height variation is detected. This results in a more dynamic boom response, greater agility and a more stable machine environment when spraying across widths of up to 42m. 

Performing in all types of field and light conditions, spraying is facilitated without the need to change any pre-programmed spray settings. 

A history of innovation 

Since 1976, Bateman have led the way in design, research and development devoted to delivering the most capable self-propelled machines in the market. We never stop listening to our customers and we are continuously improving our product range and proprietary systems.

Team Bateman 

Owning a Bateman is more than a transaction, Team Bateman are here to help and support you in getting the best ownership experience possible and a great return on your investment with us.


Bycott Lane
North Devon
EX18 7DS
United Kingdom
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