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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham SG7 5JX

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BfS Farm Services Ltd are the leading UK, low drift, spray nozzle specialists, having introduced the Billericay Bubble Jet air inclusion nozzles to the UK market back in the early 1990's. These 3 Star LERAP rated nozzles set new standards in low drift spraying and DRT technology, and resulted in a sea change of attitiude to Environmental Protection within the spray application industry.  

Since then the range of low drift nozzles on offer from BfS include a 90%, 4 Star LERAP rated range, a 3 Star LERAP rated low drift range for PWM Systems, and more recently a low drift 80 degree range for narrow nozzle spacing on booms (25 and 33 cm nozzle spacings).

In addition we manufacture and supply the widest range of liquid fertiliser applicators available with no less than 6 different options.

BfS Farm Services Ltd are the only UK based spray nozzle manufacturer left, and all our products are made locally, near to our head office. 

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12-14 School Road
CM11 1QU
United Kingdom
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  • Low Drift : No Drift

    11 Mar 2024
    Ouir full brochure of low drift nozzles and liquid fertiliser applicators.
  • Billericay Air Bubble Jets

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
      Billericay Air Bubble Jets are the internationally renowned and industry's leading air induction nozzles invented by Billericay Farm Services. Manufactured in Britain, these precision made nozzles c ...
  • ExRay XC

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
    Achieve up to 90% drift reduction, and cover a wider application rate (volume) from each nozzle size in use.  Get the same rates of coverage that you would normally need 3 nozzles to achieve. The nozz ...
  • Pulzar

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
    75% drift reduction compared to standard Flat Fan Nozzles. The perfect nozzle for your Pulse Width Modulation system. Since the early days of the introductiion of PWM, BfS have been marketing PulZar n ...
  • STS-80

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
    An 80° nozzle for use where nozzle body centres are at 25cm or 33cm spacing. This allows for a lower boom height to be maintained to achieve the double overlap required for even application, and this ...
  • Angled Caps

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
    BfS Angled Caps offer sprayer operators the opportunity of achieving the benefits of angling the spray forwards or backwards, whilst using their existing nozzles. Angled Caps provide a 30° spray angle ...
  • Dribble Bar II

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
    The Dribble Bar II has a re-designed flow-control disc now with 11 settings giving extra application rate options, but retains the unique "dial-a-rate setting" flow rate adjustment.  It accurately app ...
  • AutoStreamer

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
    The AutoStreamer developed and manufactured by BfS works on sprayers with flow based rate controllers.  Accurate application of liquid fertiliser is made simple as the operator has only to enter the l ...
  • 5 Star

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
    5 Star is a single nozzle with variable application rates.  Designed to operate at 70cm above target.  5 streams provide excellent coverage. Giving reduced risk of scorch damage.   Less drift, less wa ...
  • 5 Star Plus

    15 Jun 2021 Emma Orrey
    Our 5 Star Plus nozzle for flow based controllers provides 368 litres/hectare of 30N at 2.5 bar pressure and 12 KPH 700mm boom operating height. One nozzle covers the same output as 3 standard, non-va ...
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