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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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KRM spreaders. With Trend system enables the discs to rotate in different directions depending upon what pattern is required. The largest proportion of the field is the middle, for this we run the discs towards each other giving a self balanced spread pattern. Maximum accuracy is achieved. Away from each other for the outside of the field where a single overlap pattern gives a square shaped pattern pushing full rate towards the border. We have a sophisticated operating platform called "Intelligent Control" to cater for the difficulties weighing in a practical on farm environment. Section control is available in two ways: Standard for up to 24m and Dynamic for wider widths. "Easy Clean" features now on all models.

KRM Bredal spreaders are renowned for being reliable, strong machines.

The F-type specifically for fertiliser with two floor belts, one for each disc. Isobus controlled with the ability to vary the amount of material going on each disc, vary the drop point left and right and adjust disc speed for control and accuracy. 

The K-type Bredal spreaders still spread fertiliser but can also spread powders and bulk products. Extremely versatile and built to give reliable service Bredal K spreaders are the go to option for serious contractors. The K range extends to K-XE which has discs 6 metres apart for unrivalled accuracy at extremely wide spread widths.

KRM Econet mechanical hoes control weeds without the need for costly chemicals. Two different elements and a wide choice of tools will adapt to most row crops. New 3D precision camera guidance available and section control. Please contact us for a solution tailored to your specific needs. 

KRM Inro strip till cultivator specifically designed to bridge the gap between ploughing and direct drilling, it creates a strip of tilled soil which will warm up quickly and allow rapid and deep root development and conserve moisture

KRM Prairial is a unique one pass mounted machine for grassland regeneration with fast forward speed. Angled knives for aeration and reduce compaction, toothed blades for leveling mole hills and dung, finally scarifying tines to remove dead thatch and moss. Optional seeder units. 

KRM offers a wide range of heavy duty flail toppers can offer unique features such as solid steel rotor bearing housings and large diameter rotors giving. Various widths, rear, front and rear, fully offset and collector models to suit your requirements.

KRM Kratos power harrows with taper roller bearings and 4 rotors per metre. Fixed or folding up to 6 metres.

Last year highlighted the risk of later drilling dates and climate change causing many farmers to re-think their approach to drilling. KRM Sola "all weather" tine drills ensure your crops can be sown in wet seed beds as well as in dry conditions. Choose from: Elite tine, PT tine, a narrow carbide tip with greater coulter pressure; SM tine for direct. The hoppers are pressurised for even distribution of seed regardless of hopper content and low oil flow requirements for a more efficient movement of seed. 


Clay Pit Lane
Bar Lane Industrial Estate
North Yorkshire
YO51 9LS
United Kingdom
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