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SwiftDetect is a new rapid detection test, developed by Microgenetics. Able to detect even low levels of Septoria in wheat, SwiftDetect allows growers to gain actionable insight into the level of disease in their crops, even before visible signs emerge. In turn, fungicides can be used more efficiently and effectively, saving money, helping the environment and protecting yield. 

Using SwiftDetect is hassle-free! Simply visit our website to order, send a sample of 10 leaves to Microgenetics in the post and wait 1 business day for results. SwiftDetect will tell you if Septoria is present, and whether the infection is low, medium or high. This will help you to make more informed fungicide choices. 

Although SwiftDetect is only available for Septoria in wheat, it is currently under development to be able to test much more. Next year, SwiftDetect will identify Yellow Rust, Brown Rust, Mildew and Septoria from just one sample. In the future the test will also be adapted to detect other diseases in crops from barley and oats to fruit and vegetables. Therefore, it has the potential to transform the industry! 


7 Corsham Science Park
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United Kingdom
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  • SwiftDetect

    20 May 2021
    SwiftDetect is a new rapid detection test for Septoria in wheat. 


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