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Sulphur deficiencies are now very common on all crops in the UK; emissions of sulphur from power stations, heavy industry and cars have been reduced to such a low level that the amount of ‘free’ sulphur deposited on crops is now almost negligible. Many fertiliser products now contain sulphur, but usually in the form of ammonium sulphate. Whilst this form of sulphur is effective as a sulphur source, it is readily leachable after application and therefore needs to be applied little and often through the season. 

Organically certified, Sovereign Sulphur® from Cambridgeshire based Pan Agriculture Ltd is an elemental sulphur product containing 90% Sulphur (225% SO3). Applied in late autumn or during the winter months, the product breaks-down physically with the action of rain and frost, then converts to plant usable sulphate as the soils warm up in the spring. This means an entire seasons requirement of sulphur can be applied in one pass, leaving the grower to apply Nitrogen as and when needed. Using Sovereign Sulphur®annually will also rebuild soil sulphur levels over time. 

As Sovereign only contains sulphur, it is ideal for crops like pulses which do not require Nitrogen. With application rates as low as 25Kgs/ha for Cereals and 50Kgs/ha for Oilseed Rape and Grassland; the calibration of spreading equipment is essential. For calibration settings and more information, visit our website: 

Sovereign Sulphur will spread accurately up to 36 metres. 
The product is available in 1Mt, 500Kg and 25Kg bags.


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