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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

at Newnham Farm

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Premium Crops is the UK’s leading provider of added value arable crops. We scour the supply chain to seek out end users, buyers and processors who are willing to pay more to get exactly what they need. Those needs may be as simple as a reliable, regular, supply of a quality product, such as canary seed for the bird seed market, or linseed for the animal feed sector. Frequently, the quality demands are associated with the variety that is grown, such as the ultra-high omega-3 in our specialist spring linseed, the very high protein content of Red Spring Wheat, or the high erucic acid content of HEAR. Through our contacts with specialist plant breeders around the world, Premium Crops, have access to the latest genetics and, through our network of independent UK trials, we can ensure that these varieties are thoroughly tested for UK growing conditions.

Premium Crops growers are supported with regular agronomy bulletins and access to our full time Company Agronomists for bespoke advice.

As both suppliers and buyers of our grower’s crops, we have a vested interest in your success.

Premium Crops buy-back contracts can be tailored to suit our grower’s requirements, whether that is harvest movement or bespoke cleaning and storage services, our logistics team are there to ensure that our grower’s crops are ready and available to supply to buyers in optimum condition and capture the best value for our growers.

The Cereals Live event is an opportunity for us to meet current and potential suppliers, to grow one (or more) of the crops in our extensive portfolio, which includes…

  • Winter Linseed

For growers seeking a reliable autumn sown, break crop with NO flea beetles, winter linseed is gaining rapidly in popularity. With a wide sowing window, from late August to early October, winter linseed suffers from very few pests – and certainly, NO flea beetles. With a wide range of crop protection products available to control problem weeds, including Blackgrass.

An early, July, harvest ensures that the crop is clear of the field in good time for an autumn sown cereal crop and, as a true break, winter linseed delivers excellent rotational benefits to the following 1st wheat.

UK commercial yields in the range 2.7 to over 3.0mt per hectare and prices in excess of £350 per tonne, make winter linseed one of the most competitive autumn break crops available.

  • HEAR

For those growers choosing winter oilseed rape, why not maximise returns by growing rapeseed that will deliver a guaranteed premium over the standard ‘00’ prices?

High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR) is the same species as conventional ‘00’ rapeseed, with the same agronomy and, as demonstrated in Premium Crops variety trials, HEAR has very similar yields to ‘00’ too. Even the seed price is now the same and all Premium Crops contracts pay FOSFA 26A bonuses for oil!

The difference is in the Premium.

Visit our website for more details of the full portfolio, including our spring sown options.



Whitedale Farm
East Street
United Kingdom
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