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Rothamsted Research is the longest-running agricultural research institute in the world. We work from gene to field with a proud history of ground-breaking discoveries, from crop treatment to crop protection, from statistical interpretation to soils management. Our founders, in 1843, were the pioneers of modern agriculture, and we are known for our imaginative science and our collaborative influence on fresh thinking and farming practices.
Through independent science and innovation, we make significant contributions to improving agri-food systems in the UK and internationally. The cumulative impact of our work in the UK was calculated to exceed £3000 million a year in 2015. Our strength lies in our systems approach, which combines science and strategic research, interdisciplinary teams and partnerships.
Rothamsted is also home to three unique resources. These National Capabilities are open to researchers from all over the world: The Long-Term Experiments, Rothamsted Insect Survey and the North Wyke Farm Platform.

This year at the virtual event we are showcasing some of our leading experts...

  • Dr Samantha Cook is a behavioural ecologist. She will explore how natural enemies like parasitic wasps, as well as trap crops and colour diversity, could help combat pests like flea and pollen beetle. (in the Non-Chemical Solutions session 10/6/20 13:00 - 13:45)
  • Plant pathologist Dr Kim Hammond-Kosack reveals a bold new resilient world in which breeding technologies will deliver resistance to aphids, take-all, septoria and slugs (in the Plant Breeding Innovations session 11/6/20 13:00  13:45)
  • William Macalpine, Rothamsted's knowledge exchange manager, discusses FarmInn, a joint venture with AHDB on farm-inspired research (in the DIT Innovation and Tech Theatre: Farmer-led innovation Pre-recorded sessions – available on demand any time on the 10th & 11th June)
  • PhD student Kelly Jowett talks about the world of a research scientist (in the Young Farmers and Sustainability Theatre: Career options Pre-recorded sessions – available on demand any time on the 10th & 11th June)


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  • Welcome to the Rothamsted Research Plot

    09 Jun 2020 William Macalpine
  • In-Field Automatic Counting of Wheat Spikes

    09 Jun 2020 William Macalpine
  • Taking out Take-All

    09 Jun 2020 William Macalpine
  • Carabid beetles for sustainable pest control

    09 Jun 2020 William Macalpine
  • Healthier wheat

    09 Jun 2020 William Macalpine


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