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Sencrop is an innovative company based at Euratechnologies (Lille – France), Europe’s third largest startup accelerator. More than 10 000 farmers are using our connected ag-weather stations to receive the current and predicted temperature, humidity, wind speed, as well as rain fall climatology over their fields—even if they are far away or spread. Sencrop is an innovative company which can link farmers in a way that it has never been done in the UK. 

With these ultra-local and reliable data, Sencrop makes it easy to decide the course of action they should take in any weather event, and make the right agronomic choices at the right time: crop protection / sowing / irrigation…

Our mission is to make technology more accessible, using it to make the practice of agriculture more precise, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Positioned at the cutting edge of innovation in connected agriculture, Sencrop won the top award for its high-precision agrometeorological station and platform at the 2017 SIMA Innovation Awards ceremony and was vice-winner of the 2019 technovations awards for its Leafcrop. 




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  • Moisture sensors allow farmers and fruit growers to collect accurate, reliable data right from the heart of their groves. Access this data directly from the application to help you take action against ...
  • The Windcrop connected wind gauge promotes precise, efficient farming practices, in compliance with UK recommendations. It provides farmers with reliable and ultra-local ag-weather data, including win ...
  • Raincrop – Sencrop’s connected rain gauge – gives you access to the reliable, ultra-local data precision agriculture requires. Rainfall Temperature Humidity Wet-bulb temperature Dew point  


  • Installation Raincrop & Windcrop

    08 Jun 2020 Sencrop
  • Sencrop Cereals Live 2020

    05 Jun 2020 Sencrop


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