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Senova is a private, independent seed marketing and crop development company with an innovative approach. We remain small and personal. We have made considerable inroads into specialist market sectors. Persuit of new market opportunities has been, and remains key to the business.

As representatives for breeders from across Europe our portfolio of varieties is diverse and includes winter and spring crops - cereals, oilseeds and pulses. 

Our leading varieties include Costello winter wheat, Valerie winter barley, Mascani winter oat, Vespa winter bean and Fido and Kasyno triticales. 

This year Senova is introducing several new RL Candidates.

Two new winter wheat RL candidates from breeder John Blackman. Swallow is a soft Group 4 wheat with excellent potential for distilling. Importantly, Swallow has short, stiff straw and excellent Septoria tritici resistance. Banquo is a high yielding hard Group 4 wheat, with excellent yellow rust resistance, stiff straw and large grain.

Senova also has three new high yielding feed winter barley RL Candidates - Bordeaux, Pixie and Paloma, all very different varieties. Bordeaux is a very impressive two row feed variety with yields approaching 6-row hybrids. Pixie is an all rounder and offers high yields, short, stiff straw and robust disease resistance. Paloma will be National Listed soon.

Visit our website for more information on all of our varieties and don't forget to enter our free prize draw for your chance to win a Senova car boot organiser.



49 North Road
Great Abington
CB21 6AS
United Kingdom
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