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  • | Precision Farming

SOYL is the leading precision crop production service provider in the UK, producing and interpreting variable rate maps for over one million hectares of land. With its software used in over 15 countries worldwide, SOYL’s innovative technology, robust data, expert advice and technical support help to improve growers’ economic, agronomic and environmental performance.

New innovations for growers to explore this year

  • Discover the many benefits of using satellite imagery - get a free demonstration today
  • Measure your soil health with our suite of Soil Life products and link the information to other types of farm data
  • See the improved functionality and data recording options in our MySOYL platform
  • Take a look at automated imports of yield data from CLAAS telematics
  • Learn how to synchronise data with Greenlight Grower Management for seamless cropping plans and field updates
  • Utilise MySOYL’s margin mapping tool for a better understanding of profitability across the rotation
  • Use MySOYL to manage your stewardship and natural capital assets in conjunction with expertise and support from Kings Crops
  • Discover the rest of the MyFarm farm management platform, including MyAccount which gives you the ability to view and manage all transactional information related to your account and manage access permissions for other members of your farm team.

See live MySOYL demonstrations from our experts in our Cereals LIVE video chat room

Throughout the event, our advisors will be showcasing some of the key features of our MySOYL application:

  • 10.00am - Managing variable seed rates
  • 12.00pm - Making the most of yield data
  • 2.00pm - Using data from the field to make better decisions
  • 4.00pm - How to get the most out of satellite imagery

Support is the key to unlocking data and precision farming

Through the use of precision farming techniques and an extensive understanding of soil function, our team at SOYL constantly strives to push the boundaries of yield, quality and profit margins for farmer customers.

Services that deliver and are backed by reliable research and development are important to our customers, but our vital point of difference is our team of more than 20 local area managers. These local advisors are backed by a friendly and efficient support team.

Calls are taken 24 hours per day, seven days a week and our digital support team can assist with a wide range of GPS application equipment.

SOYL is a division of Frontier Agriculture, the UK’s leading crop production and grain marketing business. The SOYL team, in conjunction with a highly professional agronomy team, help growers to make sure in-field advice is supported and used to maximum return.

As pioneers in UK precision farming since 1993, we know the difference between sustainable improvements to crop production and the latest trends. Our early commitment to the principle of applying inputs at the right rate and in the right place led the way for 20 years of scientific innovation. Today, SOYL still leads the way and our commercial services are backed by the UK’s largest precision farming specific research and development programme.

All aspects of crop production are discussed, from soil health to safe harvest, and our team of experts are always on hand to explore ideas and innovation.


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