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Thomas Bell Fertiliser Importers are the manufacturers and supplier of Diamond Fertilisers.

Our state of the art blending operation are based within ABP Immingham. All of our fertilisers are stored undercover within a 400,000 sq ft of dedicated facilities and have the ability to discharge cargoes up to 25,000 tonnes. We operate a fleet of 12 lorries which allows us to offer an efficient service which is required by our customers.

Our comprehensive fertiliser range includes:
• Ammonium Nitrate - Pulan, Lithan and Zaksan® 33%N Granular
• ASN Compounds - 26N 37SO3 and 27N 12SO3
• Ammonium Sulphate - Domogran and Select Grade 2-5mm
• PotashPlus
• Granular Urea
• N-Shield® fertiliser protected by Limus® from BASF.
• Prilled Urea
• A full range of blended and bespoke fertiliser.

***Introducing Our New Fertilisers***

Zaksan 33%N
A Granular Ammonium Nitrate which is a premium nitrogen fertiliser for farmers who want to spread accurately to bouts of up to 42 metres with the correct spreader settings.

A protected Granular Urea 46%N by Limus® which is a unique urease inhibitor from BASF. By using N-Shield® protected by Limus, nitrogen losses to the environment are significantly reduced, therefore more remains in the soil available for plants, which can improve yields and offer a significant range of benefits to farmers. With N-Shield® protected by Limus®, the yield performance of urea is raised to the level of AN fertilisers. N-Shield® fertilisers can be applied independent of weather conditions as they effectively prevent these losses. This not only simplifies fertilisation programmes considerably, it also allows for greater flexibility and a more efficient use of resources.

Supa Kieserite®
A granulated fertiliser which is ideal for crops with an immediate magnesium requirement containing 27MgO Magnesium and 50%SO3. It is a fast acting water soluble fertiliser which is available to plants at all PH levels.

Made from potash and Polysulphate provides 37% potash (part in the form of potassium sulphate and part as potassium chloride); 3% magnesium; 24% sulphur (as sulphate) and 8% calcium. PotashpluS will spread accurately up to 36M and deliver nutrients accurately across the field.

For more information on our full fertiliser range, please visit or
Alternatively, please call 01652 652933.


Bigby Road
North Lincolnshire
DN20 8RA
United Kingdom
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    07 May 2020
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