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Xtreme Sales established in 2013 as a specialist importer and dealer of upgrade parts for the pickup owners in the UK. Based in Christchurch, Dorset, we specialise in providing upgrades and modifying pick-ups to a standard required by the toughest commercial users, fitting products that transform them from a highly capable vehicle to unbeatable all-around, tough, reliable trucks. Upgrades include but not limited to underbody protection,  winch bumpers, rock rails, suspension and Dakar spec brake packages. We cover all the makes and models. Including the Ford Ranger; Isuzu D-max; Mitsubishi L200; Nissan Navara; Toyota Hilux; Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes X-Class as well as some of the popular 4x4 SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Mistusbishi Shogun and Shogun Sport.

No need to fear the bumps from below!!
We all hate that noise when the bottom of our truck comes into contact with the ground especially with the use of aluminium sumps and thinner gearbox cases which are great at saving weight and improving the MPG. However, they are not so strong when coming in to contact with that hidden tree stump or rogue rock on a track. Engines, gearboxes and transfer cases have this insatiable need for fluids to work correctly and when they quickly disappear out of that new hole, it can be a very costly recovery and repair bill. Xtreme Sales provide the complete range of Rival Aluminium Underbody protection plates,  these complete kits protect everything from the radiator all the way to beyond the transfer box and replace the standard plastic fuel tank skid with something a lot tougher. They are designed using 3D laser scanning and computer manufacturing process for a perfect fit that requires no drilling of the Pick-up.

We all get stuck once in a while.
No matter how capable the 4x4 pick-up there is always that chance of getting stuck. A winch bumper can be the difference between a long wait and embarrassment of being towed out. Alternatively, a five-minute self-recovery and unlike the plastic bumpers found on the late pickup, the  Aluminium and Steel bumpers sold by Xtreme sales can take a beating and have been proving themselves in some of the harshest environments around the world and these bumpers will enhance the look of your pick-up. Tough never looked so good. 

No one like’s a soggy bed.
To complete the look of you pick-up a good canopy or load bed cover that is secure and watertight is a must for many pickup owners. Xtreme Sales are supplying colour matched composite tonneau covers. Strong enough to take 120kg on the cover. 

It’s okay, but it’s no race car.
The modern 4x4 Pick-up is a competent vehicle. However, there is a great room for improvement both in on-road and off-road manners. 
Suspension systems and upgrades of anti-roll bars and bushes from Super Pro is one step of improving the handling over the OEM standard. The next step would be upgrading the suspension parts themselves, and this will also give room to run bigger diameter tyres as most have a mild 40 to 50 mm lift. Xtreme Sales can provide, Complete kits from Old Man Emu and TJM two quality brands developed for the outback of Australia and Fox Shox developed in the cauldron of Off-road racing in America fully rebuildable and customisable to your requirements.

Xtreme Sales are also able to offer accessories including alloy wheels,  tailgate dampers, LED lights from world leading brands KC Hilites and Wilderness Lighting, and a lot more head to http://xs4x4.parts or call them on 0800 030 6887


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