Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers Arena

The Syngenta Sprays and Sprayers arena will showcase the latest innovations and application technology that will improve your business.

Isuzu Driving Course

This course will allow Cereals attendees to drive off-road in order to test vehicle reliability, dependability and durability.  Isuzu 4x4s are comfortable and surefooted, on-road and off-road, and are built to deal with UK farmers’ needs in tough and wet terrain. 

Crop Plots

See exhibitor crop plots with the latest varieties from a wide range of exhibitors and discuss with the experts their suitability for your farming system. 

NIAB Soil Hole

Specialists provide an insight into the secrets of the soil. This feature is a returning favourite offering farmers knowledge on how to improve their soil, cropping, nutrition and tillage.

Direct Drill Demos

Demonstrators in this newly expanded area at Cereals 2021 will showcase and discuss the benefits of their machinery as it relates to direct drill, min-till , no-till solutions for arable farmers.  

Drones Map, Seed & Feed

The Cereals Drone Zone themed Map, Seed & Feed: Cover Cropping with Zero Carbon will allow attendees to view several new drones in action. Drones are already able to provide many benefits to arable farmers including identifying issues with soil compaction, weeds and drainage but the latest and most advanced drone technologies can take it much further. 

NAAC Land Drainage Hub

The NAAC Land Drainage Hub will bring together leading agricultural contractors with land drainage expertise as well as drainage equipment manufacturers to help arable farmers get the most from their land.

Agbot in Action

AgXeed is happy to present the AgBot Ecosystem at Cereals 2021 to practically demonstrate its performance. Come see what autonomous systems can do for your farm.

Working Demos

Join Cereals exhibitors as they demonstrate their latest advancements and new product launches.


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