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Event Features  

Developed with input from our visitors, farmer and exhibitors feedback, Cereals Event features are designed to fulfil the needs of progressive farmers like you, providing the most up-to-date information to help develop your business.

Cereals AHDB Theatre

Cereals AHDB Theatre will explore the details surrounding ELMS and the Ag Bill are critical to plan and deliver on the changing needs of Government and society.

Sustainable Solutions Theatre

This theatre focuses on how growers can adapt their businesses to mitigate and manage climate change while protecting and enhancing their natural resources, environment and financial bottom line.

The market and farm diversification theatre

Brexit brings challenges but also opportunities for UK arable farming. Experts provide a crucial insight into how the market will develop for British produce, alongside ideas for new value-added and diversification opportunities. 

DIT British Innovation theatre

This theatre brings you the very latest innovations from UK-wide research and businesses, while building links with new international buyers for great British technology

Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers Arena

The Syngenta Sprays and Sprayers arena will showcase the latest innovations and application technology that could improve your business.

Working Demonstrations

See new technology and equipment demonstrated. Discover how machinery works in action and talk to the manufacturers about solutions for your farm. 

Exhibitor Crop Plots

See exhibitor crop plots with the latest varieties from a wide range of exhibitors and discuss with the experts their suitability for your farming system. 

The Soil Pit

Specialists provide an insight into the secrets of the soil. This feature is a returning favourite offering farmers knowledge on how to improve their soil, cropping, nutrition and tillage.




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