Come and and see where the future of farming lies

Forming part of the Cereals visitor experience and presented by some of the most innovative suppliers, the Innovation & Technology Hub is an interactive conference area open to all visitors.  The Innovation & Tech Hub features the latest innovations and new products, most recent product launches and newest technologies.

Innovator & Disruptor Sessions

Sensor Sessions

Sensors help agriculture by enabling real-time traceability and diagnosis of crop and farm machine states.  

Join the Sensor Sessions to learn about:

  • Air & soil sensors
  • Equipment telematics
  • Crop sensors
  • Infrastructural health sensors

Automation Sessions

Automation will help agriculture via large-scale robotic and microrobots to check and maintain crops at the plant level.

Join the Automation Sessions to learn about:

  • Variable rate swath control
  • Agbots
  • Precision agriculture
  • Robotic farms

Engineering Sessions

Engineering involves technologies that extend the reach of agriculture to new means, new places and new areas of the economy. Of particular interest will be synthetic biology, which allows efficiently reprogramming unicellular life to make fuels, byproducts accessible from organic chemistry and smart devices.

Join the Engineering Sessions to learn about:

  • Advanced equipment engineering
  • Closed ecological system
  • Synthetic biology


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