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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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Regenerative agriculture and the future of crop breeding

11 Jun 2024
Cereals Mainstage

This seminar, moderated by Farmers Weekly and created in partnership with the British Society of Seed Breeders, will cover key topics relative to the future of plant breeding including discussion of key questions:

  • Will regenerative agriculture become more important for crop breeders, selecting not just for yield but disease resistance, grain quality, nutrition and nutrient use efficiency?
  • Is it time for breeders to retrace their steps and use the vast genetic diversity of heritage varieties to help meet the requirements of modern-day wheat production?
  • Could the genetic potential from traditional, more robust varieties offer greater tolerance to weeds, pests and disease attack, with reduced chemical intervention?
  • And what about genetic modification?
Emma Gillbard, Deputy Arable Editor - Farmers Weekly
Kim Hammond-Kosack, Leader of Functional Genomics, Wheat Pathogenomics, WGIN and PHI-base - Rothamsted Research
Bill Angus, Co-founder - Angus Wheat Consultants Ltd
Henry Barber, Breeder Spring Barley - KWS
Anthony Hopkins, Head of Policy and Business Development - British Society of Plant Breeders
Kathryn Hamlen, Seeds Marketing Manager - Syngenta

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