The new generation of connected weather stations

12 Jun 2019

A network of weather stations gives real-time support to decision-making on UK farms, according to Sencrop, a leading European digital start up business with a new base near Cambridge. Sencrop’s wireless network technology uses innovative weather stations on individual farms. These gather a range of local agri-environmental data including air temperature, rainfall, humidity, leaf wetness, and wind speed in real time. The information feeds into a user-friendly dashboard, accessible on desktop or through a mobile app, providing history, alerts, trends and seven-day forecasts. This new technology enables farmers to make decisions on a daily basis through field-level weather statistics, with one or more weather stations providing specific, localised data that saves time, money and increases efficiency. However, the real power of the Sencrop system is unleashed through the collaboration of neighbouring farmers sharing data via a seamless transmission from their individual field stations.

Frederick South, UK Business Manager - Sencrop

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