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Innovation & Tech Demo Ring

See the latest robots, drones, and innovative weed technologies in action. Compare cutting-edge spray nozzles in our live demonstration and learn how the new closed handling spray systems work. Looking for automatic soil-sampling and testing equipment? It will be here, alongside more.

The New Holland T6.180 Methane Power is the world’s first 100% methane powered production tractor and is key to completing the virtuous cycle of the Energy Independent Farm℠ system. Farmers grow crops and use waste products to generate biomethane, which powers the tractor, which, in turn, helps to grow those very crops.

RootWave is the leading solution to organically kill weeds without using chemicals and uses electricity to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards. RootWave™ Pro is for professionals and uses electricides to organically treat all types of weeds, including invasive species.


Small Robot Company's vision is to make food production sustainable and increasing farm outputs globally. Their farmbots Tom, Dick and Harry will plant, feed and weed arable crops autonomously, with minimal waste. Plus the integration of Rootwave's weed zapping technology will make autonomous non-chemical weeding a reality.



FarmDroid is an innovative field robot that helps farmers and plant growers reduce the costs for sowing and weeding of crops while keeping it CO2 neutral and organic. FarmDroid ApS was founded by Jens Warming and Kristian Warming together with Innovation Environment Syddansk Innovation A/S and robot expert Esben Østergaard.

MagGrow is a spraying technology that helps farmers grow more by using less. The system, which has been three years in development, gives better coverage than conventional crop spraying systems and also reduces spray drift up to 70%.



The ground-breaking Hands Free Hectare (HFHa), run by Harper Adams University and Precision Decisions, which aimed to be the first in the world to plant, tend and harvest a crop with only autonomous vehicles and drones, has come to an end after a successful harvest.


Belgian company JOSKIN is a leader in the design and manufacture of agricultural machines for transport and spreading of farm effluents such as: slurry tankers and spreading/injection tools, muck spreaders, agricultural and industrial tipping trailers, livestock trailers, grass aerators and toppers.


Drone Ag is making farming more productive with less environmental impact through a new, practical approach to drone automation and AI technology. With a team made up of farmers who know drones the business is moving into software, raising investment to develop its new platform, Skippy Scout.


CombCut was developed to fight weed in cereals, ley and pasture but can also be used to treat beans, onions, corn and carrots. Using the unique technology you are able to fight weed by combing in the lower part of the crop, selectively cutting the weed and letting the crop grow further. Better for the producer, the consumer and the environment.


KisanHub is an Enterprise SaaS platform providing actionable insights across the supply chain for the agri-food industry. Get complete visibility of your supply chain by directly connecting with your growers and by providing agronomist advice that delivers optimal crop quality and yield.


The easyconnect system is designed for easier and safer handling of crop protection products and recycling of containers. It allows liquid crop protection products to be directly transferred from their original container to the spray tank and to accurately measure the volume of the chemical being transferred. This significantly reduces operator exposure and environmental risks from splashing or spilling.


Genetic advances have revolutionised our understanding of what makes plants tick. But doing well in a nice cosy greenhouse is one thing – what happens when you plant that same variety outside to face high winds, torrential rains, heavy frosts or the baking hot sun?

Modern technologies now allow us to spy on crops 24/7, gathering data as never before – but more than that they open a window into a world unseen by the naked eye.


OPICO believes that mechanical weeding is a commercially viable means of herbicide-free weed control for both organic and conventional farmers and has introduced a range of interrow cultivators from Austrian firm Hatzenbichler. OPICO’s interrow hoes use the Tillett and Hague camera guidance system believed to be the most accurate on the market.



Precision Ag Technologies - Digital solutions walkaround

Precision Ag Technologies - Digital solutions walkaround

Jack Howard, John Deere's Precision Ag specialist shows us the new and refreshed MyJohnDeere and the digital solutions in our precision ag portoflio. These include our JD Link telematics, our JD Connected Support and how the machine and agronomic data can be analysed from the Operations Center.

Operations Center - fact based decisions



See & Spray



Syngenta's New Farming Technology team looks at Application Technology. Nozzle technology can help to ensure pre-emergence sprays are delivered on target by minimising risk of drift, and have been proven to achieve very high levels of Black-grass control.





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