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Earn BASIS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points by watching Cereals LIVE webinars on-demand 

BASIS is a leading authority in training, certification, auditing and standard-setting across a range of industries. Up to six CPD points per day are on offer by attending webinars.  You can also earn points by successfully completing this year’s Knowledge Trail presented by a select group of exhibitors.

PLEASE NOTE:  To collect points, you must watch a webinar via the Join Webinar, the list of webinars that are applicable for points is listed below. 

Once you have completed the webinar, please log your interest in collecting points via the Collect Points button below or email to cpd@basis-reg.co.uk.  In your email to BASIS, please state the name of the webinar you joined, your name and your membership number. 

Thank you!    



Request points via email to cpd@basis-reg.co.uk 





Webinars for BASIS Points that took place on 10 June

  • Getting More for Less - 1 BASIS point available
  • Delivering Natural Capital - 1 BASIS point available
  • New Era, New Challenges, New Opportunities – 1 BASIS point available
  • Adapting to ELMS –1 BASIS point available
  • New Chemical Solutions – 1 BASIS point available
  • Soils: The Heart of a Sustainable System – 1 BASIS point available
  • Routes into farming – 1 BASIS point available
  • Skills for the Future – 1 BASIS point available
  • Succession Planning – 1 BASIS point available

Webinars for BASIS Points that took place on 11 June

  • New Specialist Crop Markets – 1 BASIS point available
  • Budgeting and Risk Management – 1 BASIS point available
  • The Arable Market Outlook – 1 BASIS point available
  • Climate Change – 1 BASIS point available
  • Plant Breeding Innovations – 1 BASIS point available
  • Sustainable Crop Health – 1 BASIS point available
  • Digital and Data Innovation – 1 BASIS point available
  • Precision Farming Technologies – 1 BASIS point available
  • Precision Farming Application – 1 BASIS point available
  • Young Farmers Zoom Forum – 1 BASIS point available

Earn NRoSO Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points by watching Cereals LIVE webinars on-demand 

NRoSO is the central register of sprayer operators using CPD points as a means of ensuring ongoing training.  The NRoSO scheme is open to anybody who holds an appropriate certificate of competence qualification approved by the Chemical Regulations Directorate (CRD) for the safe application of pesticides.  Members are required to collect 30 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points in each three-year period to qualify for membership renewal.  By joining Cereals in 2020, attendees can earn up to six NRoSO points.  

The Cereals webinars are now on demand ready to watch at your leisure and to pick up NRoSO points.  

To collect points, please watch the following webinars listed below. Once you have watched the session/s, please complete the relevant quiz.  Based on a 100% score, you will receive two NRoSO points per webinar. 

  • Getting More for Less - 2 NRoSO points available

                Join webinar

                Take quiz 

  • New Chemical Solutions – 2 NRoSO points available

                Join webinar

                Take quiz 

  • Precision Farming Technologies – 2 NRoSO points available

                Join webinar

                Take quiz

KNOWLEDGE TRAIL PLEASE NOTE:  You may earn one BASIS point by completing a quiz with a pass grade for exhibitors listed below.  To collect points from the exhibitor Knowledge Trail, you must read the materials and complete the accompanying quiz with a passing grade.  These results will be automatically forwarded to BASIS for allocation of points.  Thank you!    

Earn BASIS CPD points along the Knowledge Trail


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