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Cereals will hold exhibitor press briefings during the June event on 30th June - 1st July 2021. If you have a new upcoming product/service you would like media coverage on, please fill in the form to choose your slot and we will then add you to the press briefing schedule below.

Exhibitor Press Briefing Slot Form

Please fill the form if you would like to reserve a press briefing slot to discuss your products & services you will be showcasing at Cereals 2021!

Please note this will be subject to availability and will be subject to a first come first serve basis. If you would like to have more than one slot reserved, please contact cattrina.milne@comexposium.com


Cereals 2021 Press Briefing Schedule

Day Time Exhibitor/ Organisation Contact Notes
Wed 30th June 9.00      
Wed 30th June 9.30      
Wed 30th June 10.00      
Wed 30th June 10.30      
Wed 30th June 11.00      
Wed 30th June 11.30      
Wed 30th June 12.00      
Wed 30th June 12.30      
Wed 30th June 13.00      
Wed 30th June 13.30      
Wed 30th June 14.00      
Wed 30th June 14.30      
Wed 30th June 15.00      
Wed 30th June 15.30      
Wed 30th June 16.00      
Wed 30th June 16.30      
Thurs 1st July 9.00      
Thurs 1st July 9.30      
Thurs 1st July 10.00      
Thurs 1st July 10.30      
Thurs 1st July 11.00      
Thurs 1st July 11.30      
Thurs 1st July 12.00      
Thurs 1st July 12.30      
Thurs 1st July 13.00      
Thurs 1st July 13.30      
Thurs 1st July 14.00      
Thurs 1st July 14.30      
Thurs 1st July 15.00      
Thurs 1st July 15.30      
Thurs 1st July 16.00      
Thurs 1st July 16.30      



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