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Prof Cristobal Uauy

Prof Cristobal Uauy

Group Leader, Wheat Geneticist-Department of Crop Genetics, John Innes Centre

Professor Cristobal Uauy is a Group Leader in wheat genetics and genomics at the John Innes Centre. His programme focuses on using genetics and genomics to improve both yield and quality components in wheat. His lab uses molecular genetic approaches to identify genes involved in wheat productivity traits and enhance the translation of this knowledge into improved varieties for industry and consumers. His lab also develops open-access tools and resources to enhance scientific discovery. His lab works closely with partners in India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, and CIMMYT among others. Cristobal's work has been recognized as the most outstanding PhD dissertation in Biological and Life Sciences in the US and Canada (2007), the Bayer Foundation Early Excellence in Science Award (2012), the Society of Experimental Biology President’s Medal (2014), the Royal Agricultural Society of England Research Medal (2017), and as a Highly Cited Researcher (2019). He studied Agronomy in Chile and holds a PhD in Genetics from the University of California, Davis.






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