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James LePage

James LePage

Head of Advice and Technical Guidance, Defra, Environmental Land Management (ELM)

James LePage currently works for Defra leading on the design of advice and environmental guidance for Defra’s future Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELM).

James’ degrees in Geography from the University of Wales and a Masters in Land Resource Management at Cranfield University set him up for a career in environmental land management, mostly in the public sector.  

He joined the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (ADAS) in 1995 to work on land use planning and agricultural land classification before moving on to agri-environment schemes, latterly for Natural England.  Most recently he has been seconded from Natural England to work on the Defra ELM programme. 

He has worked on all of the agri-environment schemes that have existed in England since the1990s, initially as a field officer on the South Downs ESA before moving into regional and national administration, policy development and design.

James is keen to get outdoors whenever possible to pursue his twin passions of cycling and photography in the countryside of North Yorkshire where he is based.





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