Philip Garford

Philip Garford

Managing Director , Garford Farm Machinery Ltd

Born into a farming family on the Cambridgeshire Lincolnshire border in 1960. 

Philips father, Norman, had already had a successful venture into the farm machinery industry in the 1950’s establishing the company GBW which used Normans design skills to develop and manufacture sugar beet harvesters.

Although too young to appreciate things at that time, tales, photos and relics of Normans GBW venture became the inspiration that led to Philip, in 1985, cajoling his father, brothers and father in
law into joining him in forming Garford Farm Machinery.

Initially Garford became known for manufacturing sugar beet harvesters but by the early 2000,s, with sugar beet in the doldrums Garford turned their attention to automating their range of inter- row hoeing equipment with their now synonymous Robocrop Precision Guidance system. Since then the range has broadened out into Robocrop InRow Weeders and Spot Sprayers.

Garford and Robocrop brands are known throughout the world for providing top performing intelligent weeding equipment.

Philip, now managing director of Garford Farm Machinery Ltd sees their remit as “Providing advanced technological solutions for mechanical, or targeted chemical, weed control” and these solutions should be cost effective and able to provide work rates suitable for large scale farming.


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