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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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Easy Crypto Hunter

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Here at Easy Crypto Hunter we are the UK’s leading team for Cryptocurrency mining. Our expertise has culminated in advisory positions both for the Home Office and the EU Parliament with regards to the future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain policy. When you’ve heard of Crypto mining; the slow returns, outdated hardware, too noisy and simply not profitable in the UK. That’s Bitcoin mining!

We DON’T mine Bitcoin!

Our ROI focussed approach helps our clients yield the highest returns possible. We don’t obsess over one coin, we analyse the market and mine the coin which is going to yield the best returns. It’s much more profitable to mine the smaller coins rather than Bitcoin itself. Why invest in Bitcoin mining and mine $5 of Bitcoin per day when you can mine $20 of a smaller coin with Crypto mining, especially when all of those coins are interchangeable. Over just a 12 month period, our business clients yielded up to a 121% ROI.

With every hardware purchase, businesses have the potential to take advantage of some great tax benefits. Alongside this, you will receive our inclusive industry leading support package which gives you the ongoing help to get the most out of your new equipment. Our support provides you; your own personal mining account advisor, full remote monitoring and assistance, and you receive our industry leading advice and recommendations to help you maximise your investment with no need to be an expert yourself.

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