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SAMs Sprayer demonstrating

Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers Arena

This specially-designed arena showcases the latest innovations and application technology that could improve your business.

The latest sprayers will be put through their paces including: self-propelled, mounted, trailed, air assisted, and twin fluid sprayers. As well as watching the latest technology in action, you’ll also get the unique opportunity to meet suppliers and compare new products and services.

Around the arena are suppliers of sprays and sprayer technology, making it possible to compare new products once you've seen them put through their paces. There's no better place to compare sprayer products and services.

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About Syngenta

Syngenta provides products and solutions to help farmers achieve global food security for a growing population, sustainably. Syngenta works by looking at agriculture through the eyes of growers, and by applying world-class science to develop crop protection products and seeds.

Syngenta innovations help farmers to overcome multiple challenges – from weeds, insects and disease, to the effects of heat and cold on crops. Whether they grow corn or rice, vegetables or coffee, farmers around the world trust Syngenta to help them produce healthy, premium crops and minimize the use of precious natural resources.
Wed 12th Thurs 13th  
9.15am 9.15am Self-propelled Sprayers 3,100 litres and above
10.25am 10.25am Mounted Sprayers
10.45am 10.45am Syngenta Spray Technology Demonstration
11.15am 11.15am Trailed Sprayers
12.10pm 12.30pm Air – Assist, Skid Units, and Self-propelled Sprayers, 3,000 litres and below.
12.35pm   Syngenta - Farm Sprayer Operator Of The Year
  12.55pm Syngenta Spray Technology Demonstration
1.25pm 1.10pm Self-propelled Sprayers 3,100 litres and above
2.25pm 2.10pm Mounted Sprayers
3.05pm 2.50pm Syngenta Spray Technology Demonstration
4.20pm 4.05pm Trailed Sprayers
4.35pm 4.20pm Air – Assist, Skid Units, and Self-propelled Sprayers, 3,000 litres and below.


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