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British farmers hold the key to so many of society’s challenges – from clean water to fresh air and wildlife recovery. This theatre explores ways that farmers are addressing environmental and soil health to deliver greater economic and environmental benefits to their businesses.


09 Jun 2021
  1. Businesses the world over recognise that greater returns come from aligning economic, social and environmental interests. Farming is no different as these three arable farming businesses demonstrate.  Healthy soils, biodiversity and integrated environmental and productivity measures, alongside staff support, incentives and training set them apart. 

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  2. As farmers face increasing financial and environmental challenges, could collaboration be the answer? We hear from arable farmers working and learning from each other, new entrants and the wider community.

  3. More and more farming businesses are turning to regenerative methods in order to restore an economic and environmental balance to their businesses. We learn how natural capital is becoming a tradeable asset.

  4. A mixed farming system offers additional benefits and income streams – and for many businesses it provides an overall net benefit that surpasses the sum of its parts. This session explores the value that agroforestry, livestock and bioenergy can bring to arable businesses.

  5. How does the next generation manage the stresses and strains of the modern era as well as inspire and encourage greater inclusion and diversity into the profession?

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10 Jun 2021
  1. This session explores new commercial and scientific soil heath measurement tools. Scientists have created an index based on two routinely taken measurements that provide an indicator of soil health based on the proportion of organic matter to clay. This, along with long-term measurements of soil carbon, provides a unique insight into managing soils to improve carbon storage.

  2. Improving drainage, managing flooding, run-off and drought are crucial to delivering greater crop productivity and mitigating risks of soils and pesticides entering watercourses. This session provides scientific and practical insights into creating farming systems that can withstand increasingly challenging weather events. 

  3. The microorganisms that colonise the soil and plant root zone have major influences on crop growth and yield. Scientists show how manipulating this microbiome helps plants cope with disease and weather-related stress – as well as boosting nutrient and water uptake.

  4. Controlled traffic farming, minimal cultivations, cover and companion cropping are amongst a raft of measures being deployed to rebuild soil structure and health. Scientists and farmers provide their own insights and experience into soil restoration.   

  5. Young farmers are embracing the race to net zero with new ideas and thinking. This is an opportunity to hear from inspiring young farmers and contribute to the conversation on creating climate-resilient food production.

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