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Sustainable Solutions session: Taking the measure of the problem

01 Jul 2021

This session will explore new commercial and scientific soil health measurement tools, provides deeper understanding of the interaction between macro and micronutrients, and reveals how one leading farmer is building soil fertility.

  • Steve McGrath, Rothamsted Research, what is an appropriate amount of carbon for my soil? Scientists at Rothamsted have a soil health index based on the ratio of organic carbon and clay content. Knowing whether your soil is in good health or degraded, provides an essential baseline to protect, manage and monitor their soils to improve its carbon storage and overall health. 
  • Elizabeth Stockdale, NIAB, there’s a lot more to knowing your soils than just N, P and K. What other soil chemical and physical properties do farmers need to understand in order to deliver healthier and profitable soils?

Chris Martin - Agrovista
Steve Mcgrath - Soil and plant scientist, head of sustainable agriculture sciences at Rothamsted Research
Elizabeth Stockdale - Head of Farming Systems Research, NIAB



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