Many thanks for the opportunity to speak in the Conservation Agriculture Theatre at Cereals this week – I really enjoyed it (…and hopefully the audience did as well!).

Many thanks as well to you and the rest of the organisers for your sterling efforts to keep the show on the road despite the weather…and to the tractor driver who pulled my car out of the mud.



Just got home from a really good day thank you, I’m sure your nerves are shot and ready for a strong drink but what you and your team have pulled off this week was amazing I only came today and actually had a really good day saw who I wanted and felt a positive vibe about the whole event. Yes I know some companies weren’t going in the first place and there is something for you all to try and work on and a few sadly pulled out or couldn’t get set up on Tuesday but it was really good vibe and reminded me of the Ploughing match in Ireland which I was lucky enough to attend 4 or 5 times where there is this amazing cando attitude throughout for example  if somebodies stand flooded and they did frequently in Ireland in October they were moved that evening and everybody helped etc etc.




Alistair Nelson

Please don’t call the show off. It’s the one really important show of the year. 

We truly look forward to catching up with suppliers and colleagues. 

The large majority of farmers own 4x4s and wellies including a rain coat.

Where else can people see, touch and feel your growing crops and use equipment in real environment?  Indoor events are static and do not work for this market and never will.


Thank you all for your hard work putting on Cereals 2019.

You have all worked so hard to keep it going during the adverse weather conditions.

We attended the show today and appreciate what you must have done to keep it open.

We had a productive day and got to see and talk to all the people we wanted to without having to queue or wait!

Increasingly I find myself planning my day around seminars at Cereals. You had some really good speakers this year and my feeling is that you need to build on this. I am sure that international speakers are expensive but drawing the best innovative farming speakers from around the world is key at this time of great change.


Keep up the good work!

"Welcome to the Crazy world of Shows"

As a new team member, I found myself cast in at the deep end, literally! The weather gods were definitely against the show.

Many different people expressed the above quote to me and on first glance, it certainly seemed that way! However I saw something different, I saw a fully motivated, full committed team that were dynamic when they needed to be, conservative when they needed to be and hard working the whole time. The fact is the team removed all the crazy long before this show even started.

"Not so crazy after all" roll on Cereals 2020 and all the challenges that no doubt will come with it

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