"Farmers absolutely need to be looking at their businesses and thinking about the future as an NFU we are really optimistic about it, I think you can see at cereals today, huge turnout for farmers in shocking weather conditions"

Minette Batters, NFU President

"Cereals is the landmark and calendar event for the cereals sector and for us as an organisation focused on helping farmers and growers to thrive in a very challenging environment, it’s the key platform for us to talk about all the work that we do"

Tom Hind, Chief Strategy Officer, AHDB

"This is our shop window for our customers to look at the innovations that is going on. Its their opportunity to see the trials first hand, to see the new product launches and to see the innovation that’s coming, so that they can start planning their business in the future and find where there is efficiencies to be made and where there is future profitability to be gained"

Robert Sheasby, Chief Executive, AICC

"The Farm Spray Operator Of The Year (FSOOTY) events big part of what we do here at Cereals and in the run up of the event, managing the entries, the judging, and the awards and presentations on the day itself. Its great! It provides us with an insight of how people us our products and it allows us to give something back"

Will Holmes, Syngenta

"Our very first Cereals Event has been incredible! Even in the rain and the mud the farmers have this great energy, really enthusiastic about our products! We have had some incredible conversations about our AG weather stations, it’s been a wonderful opportunity to expose us to the UK and kick start our business here"

Amber Ogborn, Sencrop

"Over the two days we have had a fantastic number of visitors and people that are really interested to hear about what Corteva is, what we stand for and what products we want to bring to the market to help with the dynamic, challenging times we have for UK agriculture ahead"

Adrian Gough, Corteva 

"Some of the technology that John Deere put on the show today and how it may impact future farming, is our range of dual efficient tractors we have and of course we have some great promotions around our fuel guarantee"

Chris Wiltshire, John Deere

"DIT Agri-Tech team comes to the cereals event to host international visitors, commercial officers from our embassies over seas and we find cereals is a excellent place for this as all the capability is all in one place"

Elizabeth Warham Lead, Agri-Tech, DIT

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