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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham SG7 5JX

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NIAB Soil Hole

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NIAB Soil Hole


The 20 metre long NIAB Soil Hole is back again showcasing a wide range of research and information on rotations, cultivations, tillage and soil management from NIAB specialists and project partners.

It is your chance to get down and dirty with the perfect view of the roots of various crops, providing a unique opportunity to explore the foundations of various farming system options and discover the impact of different cropping options on soil structure.

This year’s surrounding plots show alternative break crops, herbal ley mixtures and a hybrid versus conventional comparison of above and below ground crop growth in winter oilseed rape, wheat and barley.

“Rotational decisions are often made with limited thought about the impact on soil – all farmers’ soils are unique. The location, crop choice and management methods mean soils differ from one field to the next and no farmer truly mirrors another. It is imperative that farmers look at using plants and tillage together to drive soil health and create the ideal structure, with a range of pore sizes for maximum water & nutrient holding capacity.”

Dr. Elizabeth Stockdale, Soil Scientist, NIAB


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