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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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Knowledge Exchange

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Knowledge Exchange


Hear from key opinion leaders on what lies ahead for the industry and how to best prepare for change.  The seminar programme at Cereals provides a mix of blue sky thinking and practical advice.  The industry is facing enormous pressure to adapt and mitigate climate change, alongside implementing environmental measures in return for public money.  This can feel very overwhelming in the face of every day farming challenges - our aim is for our speakers offer practical answers and guidance.  

Cereals Mainstage    

At the heart of the Cereals programme, the Cereals Mainstage sponsored by Farmdeals covers how legislation, incentives, innovations, skills and partnership support the continued delivery of high quality food, beverage and feed whilst meeting the environmental needs of society.

Cereals Stories Stage

New for 2023:  Join this stage in the main catering and fundraising area to hear from farming social media influencers about their path into farming, their views on the state of the industry and how social media has changed their lives and their business.  This area will also host the MSAT Fundraiser featuring the Wurzels!

AgAnalyst Academy

New for 2023:  The AgAnalyst Academy:  Making precision farming pay is a new programme for Cereals designed to help farmers and agronomists sort through all the data sources and get that data into a format that can inform farm activity and make a difference to your bottom line,

NAAC Land Drainage Hub

The NAAC Land Drainage Hub will bring together leading manufacturers, contractors and farmers looking to make the most of their land for seminars and networking.


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