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Graintab's platform equips farmers with access to clear, independent trading recommendations, market opinions and insights as well as access to transparent prices and tools to upskill all business managers.  This is all supported by CRM Agri’s clear results, having beaten the AHDB wheat market average by £9/T over the past six years.  Join the Graintab Grain Exchange webinars below, learn more about Graintab and let us know how we can assist you directly.  

“I don’t really have much time to be in the office so knowing that someone is watching markets and constantly analysing the situation takes some of the pressure away. A phone call from my advisor to say yes, now’s a good time to sell another 15%, means I can focus on other tasks knowing that side of things is taken care of.’’                       CRM Agri Member Dan Wormell, PR Wormell Farms

Join Graintab Grain Exchange Webinars

Wednesday, 11 June

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    Chaired by Matt Culley, NFU Crops Board

    Consumer interest in different grains, healthy proteins and green energy is opening up new cropping opportunities. This session explores some of the options currently available and new ones being explored.

    • Andrew Probert, Premium Crops Managing Director, reviews the economic and rotational value of specialist crops such as lupins, linseed, canary seed and millet
    • Skye Van Heyzen, Agrii Innovation Crops Product Manager, gives a glimpse of some new species, the benefits to arable rotations and efforts to get them to market  
    • Kevin Lindegaard, Crops4Energy talks about the market opportunities that willow, poplar, straw and other residues afford arable farmers in the form of biomass energy generation
    • Sophie Alexander, Organic Arable chair, has run both conventional and arable production side by side but has now moved the whole farm to organics to capitalise on higher margins




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    Chaired by Miles Bradley, Cambridge FX

    This session explores way to optimise the value of your production by ensuring you meet buyers’ specifications, understand the small print of your contracts and manage risk.

    • Cecilia Pryce, Openfield, talks through the common pitfalls in the T & C’s of your contract and common compliance issues
    • James Bolesworth, CRM Commodities explores options and other marketing tools as a way to protect against price fluctuations and manage grain storage more efficiently
    • Rupert Wailes-Fairbairn, Lycetts explores how crop insurance can protect farmers against volatile weather and other natural events
    • James Rendell, BirdsEyeView talks about the future of crop insurance by using is looking to use aerial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to provide bespoke crop insurance for farmers



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    Chaired by Paul Temple, AHDB

    The speakers in the session bring the latest insights and market outlooks for the international, domestic and emerging crop markets

    • Amy Reynolds, IGC International Agricultural Economist, provides an insight into the international market - the challenges and opportunities
    • David Eudall, AHDB Head of Arable Markets looks at the domestic market in the light of the consequences of Coranavirus and Brexit negotiations.
    • Jack Watts, NFU Agrifood Policy Delivery Manager provides an overview on proteins, alternative crops and emerging markets
    • Martin Farrow, General Manager of ADM Erith, reviews the global and domestic market for oilseed rape






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