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Benefits of taking the event digital

Traditionally Cereals is situated on a working farm, however, we have taken the event online to support the farming industry during the corona pandemic.

Cereals LIVE 2020, bringing the leading technical arable event directly to you. It is our first virtual event taking place on the 10th & 11th June 2020 on our website. We are offering visitors an exciting new opportunity to interact in a virtual environment free of charge, as well as earn CPD points with a programme that covers all the key demonstrations, exhibitors and seminars. Benefits of taking the event digital:

  • Exhibitors can promote their presence to the farming industry in a creative & innovative way.
  • Accessibility on a global scale
  • Exhibitors can promote their new product launches and products/services to the media at Cereals LIVE 2020 through our zoom chats. To choose your slot please visit.
  • No additional ground costs.
  • Exhibitors can showcase their products and demonstrate how they work on a digital platform.
  • With most events postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19, Cereals LIVE 2020 offers Europe a rare opportunity to collect BASIS & NRoSO points which will also help increase visitors.  
  • Live chats are available, offering exhibitors the opportunity to have one to one chat with visitors.
  • Increasing marketing reach as visitors traffic will be diverted to exhibitor websites & marketing channels.

Five reasons to exhibit at Cereals LIVE 2020

1.  Be part of the solution. 

Cereals LIVE 2020 is our virtual exhibition providing solutions for arable farmers through our online platform – exhibiting allows your company to be a part of the conversation and the solution.    

Cereals LIVE 2020 fulfils the educational requirements and sourcing needs of arable farmers.  Attendees visit Cereals to experience an exhaustive product range on display, which we will deliver through webinars, demos and videos. These products include:

  • Crop plots
  • Sprays & sprayers
  • Tilling, sowing, planting
  • Crop protection
  • Irrigation
  • Harvesting
  • Post-harvesting
  • Equipment
  • Handling, transport, storage and buildings
  • Sustainable development, renewable energy
  • Tech, IT, software
  • Consulting
  • Banking & insurance
  • Media & press


2.   Don’t just exhibit – become a thought leader with added value speaking opportunities via video-based webinars. 

NEW: Young Farmers and Sustainability Theatre This is the first year we have had a Young Farmers programme so we can educate and guide the future industry professions in farming. Supported by the NFYFC and Camb Young Farmers, the seminars will discuss the routes into farming, climate change, skills for the future, career sessions, sustainable solutions, succession planning, game-changer advice and dragon's den business challenge. Find out more on Young Farmers Sustainability Theatre

NEW: Grain Exchange. This is the first edition of this area dedicated to discussing innovative crops and how to market them, grain outlook, beyond the farmgate, new market opportunities, budgeting and risk management. There will also be an opportunity for visitors to get involved with interactive quizzes and competitions. Find out more on Grain Exchange 

NEW: Innovation & Tech Demo Ring See the latest robots, drones, and innovative weed technologies in action. Compare cutting-edge spray nozzles in our live demonstration and learn how the new closed handling spray systems work. Looking for automatic soil-sampling and testing equipment? It will be here, alongside soil and crop scanning technologies. There may even be a concept autonomous tractor and an engine-stripping competition. Find out more on Innovation & Tech Demo Ring  

3.  Demonstrate your expertise in a hands-on, interactive format. 

Cereals LIVE 2020 provides opportunities to get your products into the right hands through interactive features via; video, demos and webinars open to participation for exhibitors and sponsors including:

  • SYNGENTA Sprays & Sprayers Arena
  • NIAB Soil Pit
  • Drone Zone
  • Working demos
  • Crop Plots
  • NAAC Drainage demos


4.  Boost your sales and strengthen your pipeline. 

Events are still the most favoured method for farmers when sourcing new products and solutions.  By becoming a virtual exhibitor at Cereals LIVE 2020 you will be able to showcase your products through videos & participate in live chats with your visitors. It will help energize your sales team and connect your company with new prospects and existing customers in a meaningful way.  The return on investment is strong when meeting such a large group of arable farming decision-makers in one place.


5.  Cereals marketing is not limited to two days!

All exhibitors benefit from extensive PR and marketing opportunities that extend well beyond the two show days.  Farmers Weekly, Cereals’ media partner, distributes over 59,000 show guides prior to the event, publishes comprehensive previews and post-reports.  The event also attracts pre and post-show coverage in CPM, Arable Farming and Agronomist and Arable Farming. 

Exhibiting at Cereals LIVE 2020, our virtual event is an ideal opportunity to reach the majority of decision-makers within the arable industry, improve brand awareness, generate leads and sell products and services all year long.

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