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The very latest varieties will be on display, from winter and spring wheats to barley, maize, oats, triticale, oilseed rape, linseed, peas, beans, sugar beet, potatoes, cover crops and alternative crops.

Crop plot exhibitors in 2017 include:

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Below are the latest press releases for crops:

  • PCN sampling gets more intensive

    06-Dec-2017 by: Phieldtek Precision Agronomy Keith Mount Liming
    See the latest device for PCN sampling on Stand 209, the most intensive PCN sampling system in the UK.
  • Agritech incubation and enterprise hub, Farm491, joins the UK’s leading technical event to showcase its members’ technological solutions, which are set to benefit the wider food and farming industries.  

  • Soil analysis on the move

    12-Jun-2017 by: Phieldtek Precision Agronomy Keith Mount Liming

    Visit Stand 209 to see the latest tech to hit the UK to 'unearth' more about your soil. 


  • SATAKE and ALAPALA Announce the Rebirth of Henry Simon

    09-Jun-2017 by: Cassie Hughes - Satake Satake

    The legendary flour milling brand “Henry Simon” returns.

    In March 2017 Satake Corporation and Alapala announced the rebirth of the Henry Simon range of flour milling equipment.   From its inception in 1878, Henry Simon of Manchester, England has always been known as an innovator and a driving force that helped create the milling industry that we know today.

  • Good soil health is fundamental to agricultural productivity and sustainability, however in order to actively manage soil resources for optimum crop performance, it is vital to be able to measure and monitor soil health.
    Hutchinsons Healthy Soils is the new and innovative service that does just this, and will be launched at the Cereals Event.

  • In spite of a very dry winter and spring across much of the UK in the last few months, the appetite to reinvest in new land drainage systems is still increasing.  Record breaking rainfall through the 2015/16 growing season exposed significant weaknesses in old and decaying drainage systems and the need to ensure soil structures are in top condition has ever been gerater in order to maximise the long term yield potentials of arable land.

  • Whilst out surveying for a new land drainage project in some very wet winter wheat today, we had the pleasure of bumping into thsi little chap!

  • Two new varieties of Hybrid Wheat exhibited in trial plots by CROPCO at the Cereals Event offer a solution to one of the main risks associated with effective blackgrass control. Delaying drilling winter wheat gives a consistent improvement in pre-emergence herbicide performance but later drilling also risks poorer crop establishment. Hybrid Wheat has the advantage of hybrid vigour, encouraging rapid emergence and robust development, giving reliable crop establishment regardless of autumn calendar date. There is thus no need for a significant increase in seed rates and plants are better placed to survive the winter.

    See the plots on stand 633 or visit www.cropco.co.uk




  • Leading biostimulant technology up for grabs at Cereals Event To help get crops off to a flying start this autumn, Alltech Crop Science (ACS) is launching a competition at Cereals 2017, offering visit ...
  • Visit Pentair Hypro EU stand at Cereals stand 126 and discuss your requirements.

    Here's What You Can Expect To See 

    The 3D nozzle boosts the performance of pre-emergence black-grass herbicides as well as reducing spray drift for more autumn spray days. Now available in 9 sizes

    See how ProStop-E electrically-actuated nozzle valves can save you up tp 5% on your chemical and fertiliser bill. Live demonstration on the stand.

  • Some of the most significant advances in agronomy available to UK farmers will be on display at Agrovista’s stand at Cereals 2017, where visitors will be able to quiz experts on how these novel technologies can benefit their businesses.


    Among these is a recently launched commercial drone service, developed by Plantsystems, Agrovista’s precision services arm.


    This service offers flight packages carried out by the company’s fully-approved unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators, or a processing service for farmers who have their own drones.


    The latest version of Agrovista’s cloud-based technical information exchange system Axis will be on show too. This allows agronomy and precision-farming data to be uploaded and shared in real time with advisers, agronomists, operators and contractors, providing true flexibility and efficiency to a farming business.


    In addition, visitors can also update on Agrovista’s extensive range of trials assessing the value of cover crops and companion crops in arable rotations, including their role in boosting crop and soil heath and controlling herbicide-resistant grassweeds

  • The Land App

    17-May-2017 by: Rachel Gethin Farm 491

    The Land App is a design tool for land management. Digitising the land you manage into one, secure place – with information available at the touch of a button.


  • RAGT Seeds is using Cereals 2017 to highlight the valuable role its varieties can play in extending UK arable rotations. 

  • Mouldboard Ploughs have been Ovlac’s flagship product for more than 80years. Ovlac Ploughs have are distributed over five continents, and is present in more than twenty Countries, and is the Largest Plough manufacturer in Spain.

     We have been very pleased with the steady growth in sales with the mounted range this year and are excited to expand Ovlac’s Product range with the introduction of the Semi mounted Plough range into the UK.  Ovlac has great experience in manufacturing reversible semi mounted ploughs for different markets and working environments.

  • Use OSR genetics to reduce risk and protect yield

    15-May-2017 by: Niamh Tye, Vasilis Gegas, Les Daubney Limagrain UK

    Choosing varieties with the genetic traits or agronomic characteristics suitable for your farm can reduce risk, protect yields and give more consistent results, is the message from leading plant breeders Limagrain UK.

  • Soya UK Ltd will exhibit at Cereals 2017

    15-May-2017 by: David McNaughton Soya UK

    Soya UK will be at Cereals 2017 to provide information on all aspects of this exciting new crop.

    With around a five-fold increase in the area grown in 2016, and a further five-fold increase for 2017, the national area of Soya is now around 4500 acres.  There is enormous interest in the crop as a possible new broad-acre break crop which could help combat blackgrass, and reduce the dependence on Oilseed Rape as the main break crop in the UK.    For harvest 2018, the area is expected to expand rapidly again to somewhere between 15,000 and 25,000 acres, and with a UK market of 3 million tonnes, it has the potential to become a major crop.

    Soya UK will be at Cereals to provide information on all aspects of the crop from the varieties and agronomy, through to the harvesting and marketing of the crop.

  • Barrettine Environmental Health has launched Grain-Tect ULV, an insecticide protectant for stored grain and pulses.

    AgriTrade News. Vol. 10, No. 17, Pg. 4.

  • This year, farmers from AHDB’s Monitor Farm programme have been burying their pants to help them find out about their soil health.

    Brian Barker and Russell McKenzie, Stowmarket and Huntingdon Monitor Farm hosts, will bring their findings (and their pants) to Cereals 2017 to feature in a debate held on the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds stand (919).

  • Following their recent aquisition of the seed treatment Latitude, Certis are looking forward to Cereals and the opportunity to discuss with visitors the issue of take-all and how to protect crops from this devastating disease from day one.

  • Cereals Event will give visitors the chance to understand and visualise how the science behind ELATUS ERA is delivering the desired, broad-spectrum disease control and protecting yields. It will also be an opportunity to see just how important a preventive approach to disease control is through our unique microscopy images.

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