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Bristow’s Precision Strip Till Angled Disc Rape Drill

27-Apr-2017 Bristow's

Peter Bristow Farmer, Engineer, Designer and Inventor has developed this New Concept Rape Drill (patent applied for) to improve the problems we as farmers encounter also to improve our cost savings and yields when trying to establish our rape crops.

Some of the problems our Fellow Farmers face each year are difficulties in producing good seed beds due to lack of good consolidation leaving open slots and air pockets, unable to get good seed to soil contact which means it is difficult to retain moisture, consequently results in an uneven establishment having to wait for a further rain which can result in loss of seed to plant percentage and slow vigour which gives more time for the flee beetle and slugs to damage the young plants and slow tap root growth which is important during autumn.

Please come and talk to Peter Bristow on Stand No. 3042 to discuss how this New Concept Rape Drill can improve all the problems and take the worry out of establishing your rape crops and how it can be retro fitted to your existing machine.

For more information on this drill, visit our website www.tillerroll.co.uk



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