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Catros compact disc harrow range extended yet again

03-May-2017 by: Amazone Ltd Amazone

Catros Special
The introduction of the smaller 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 metre rigid Catros Special compact disc harrows helps provide this type of specialist cultivation tool at a price which is affordable to the smaller grower. Thus it gives them the benefits of the uniform contour following for shallow, even depth control, the high-quality, oil-immersed life-long disc bearings with slide seals and the optimum rear consolidation roller for maximum weed seed/volunteer/soil contact. The Catros Special is available in either a 460 mm smooth disc option for shallow stubble chitting work or as the Catros+ Special with a 510 mm serrated disc for areas of heavier organic matter levels such as for grassland renovation or after cover crops or maize stubbles.

Catros+ x003-2T
Completing the range at the upper end is the all-new Catros+ 7003/8003/9003-2TX trailed harrows in 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 metre working widths respectively and which then fill in the gap between the Catros 6002-2 and the monster 12.0 m Catros+ 12003-2TS. The TX designation signifies centralised running gear which provides the balance for comfortable high-speed road transport and a short overall length for maximum manoeuvrability. A choice of braking systems, either via air or hydraulic, makes the machine exceptionally safe on the road. Once in the field the machine folds out easily and the rear consolidation roller, of which there is a choice of 9 different options depending on soil type and application, provides the depth control in work. Working depth of the discs is controlled hydraulically from the tractor seat and an optional Crushboard can be fitted either ahead of or behind the cultivation element depending again on application. The Catros+ x003-2TX comes as standard with the 510mm serrated discs.

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