Cereals: The Arable Event


12-Jun-2017 by: Luis Mulet / Agri-Tech Trade Specialist Department of International Trade

The Department for International Trade is hosting an African buying delegation during Cereals Event 2017. This is an ideal opportunity for UK suppliers of agricultural technology to meet and identify business opportunities in this rapidly growing sector.


Apollo Nyegamahe - Chairman / E-mail: aponyeonline@gmail.com / http://www.aponyeug.com/index.php/our-brands/agro-processing

To book meetings with Mr. Apollo Nyegamahe please contact Luis.Mulet@trade.gsi.gov.uk or fill out the following form: https://ditevents.wufoo.eu/forms/dit-subsaharan-africa-mission-to-cereals-uk-2017/

More information about the company:

Aponye Uganda was incorporated in Uganda in 1989, and has 28 years’ industry experience. The company specialises in produce buying and selling, bond facilities and cargo transportation both locally and internationally. The main produce includes grains, cereals and legumes which are primarily grown in Uganda. Aponye Uganda has clients in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan as well as international organisations such as the World Food Programme. Aponye Uganda has silos for storage of grains and cereals that are bought from farmers across Uganda. They also have machinery used for processing cooking oil, soap and a grinding mill for maize that turns it into maize flour under their brand, Ugali. This is in addition to other heavy machinery used in the process of grain sorting, grading and storage most of which originates from UK.

Why Africa?

Africa is home to six of the ten fastest-growing countries in the world. Agriculture and agribusiness together account for nearly half of GDP in Africa

Agricultural production is the most important sector in most African countries, averaging 24 per cent of GDP for the region. It is projected to be a US$1 trillion industry in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) by 2030 (compared to US$313 billion in 2010)

UK companies are perceived well in the market and there is a demand for technology particularly in areas where opportunities are greatest: livestock, crop protection, mechanisation, processing and storage



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