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03-May-2017 by: Ilex EnviroSciences Ilex Envirosciences

Ilex EnviroSciences Ltd CEREALS Stand 482


Ilex EnviroSciences, innovators in crop nutrition will be using CEREALS to showcase Beet Raiser, their pioneering new foliar phosphite for sugar beet. Beet Raiser has been formulated to stimulate rapid early growth and boost yield potential in sugar beet.

The early growth stage is crucial to maximising sugar beet yield, as sugar accumulation begins from very early on in the growth cycle. Adverse weather and low soil temperatures experienced during this period can restrict root growth, nutrient uptake and ultimately yield.

Beet Raiser works by supplying a bespoke nutrient package combined with the biostimulating action of phosphite-derived Phosphorus to promote root growth and nutrient uptake. Application at this all-important early growth stage ensures ready availability of the nutrition required for healthy establishment, even canopy growth and productive photosynthesis.

Ilex EnviroSciences Ltd Technical Director Brian Aconley said, “Beet Raiser is based on the same chemistry as our highly effective foliar phosphite PK MAXX+ which has performed consistently well in trials and is now used extensively by potato growers to optimise tuber uniformity and yield.  With the higher nutrient demand of sugar beet for NPK, Magnesium and key micronutrients such as Boron, Zinc and Molybdenum, Beet Raiser has been formulated to target these additional needs. By applying these essential nutrients as a foliar phosphite formulation, the efficiency of uptake and delivery is enhanced whilst keeping application rates and product cost low.”

“Applying Beet Raiser at a rate of 3.0 litres per hectare at the 6 to 8 leaf stage will assist canopy development at this crucial time in yield determination.  However, if the crop is showing signs of nutritional stress, this dosage can be split by applying 1.5 litres per hectare as soon as there is sufficient foliage to capture the spray and repeating this rate at the later stage.  In terms of ease of use Beet Raiser is a true solution with excellent overall tank mix compatibility and in particular, makes an ideal tank mix partner for early manganese improving uptake of the element, speeding up response time and improving efficiency of use.”

“Field trials with growers in Cambridgeshire using Beet Raiser alongside a standard nutrition programme, have shown excellent results in terms of both size and uniformity, achieving typical yields of 90-100 MT/ha with corresponding increases in sugar yields. As the pressure on growers increases to improve profitability through crop quality and yield performance, Beet Raiser represents both an efficient and low-cost option in helping achieve this.”

The Ilex technical sales team will be available on STAND 482 to discuss the benefits of their full range of concentrated nutrients and biostimulants and the latest recommendations for tailored application programmes to optimise 2017 yields.     


Image attached:

Beet Raiser Treated Sugar Beet High Res. jpg

Photographed 12 weeks after application.

For further information contact Kathryn Laverack, Marketing and Sales Support Manager, Ilex EnviroSciences Ltd email: kathryn@ilex-envirosciences.com mobile: 07739 349325.



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